Fresh review of Aussie migration programme

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Getty Images
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Getty Images

Australia's migration programme is set to go under the microscope at a new parliamentary inquiry.

The Morrison government will announce the upcoming review led by federal parliament's joint migration committee on Wednesday, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age report.

The committee typically looks at Australia's detention centres and visa laws, but the new inquiry is expected to cover population and infrastructure pressures.

The move comes after Infrastructure Australia warned the nation must spend $A200 billion ($NZ210,500) every five years on a range of infrastructure projects if it wants to keep up with the pace of population growth.

In a report, the authority said the wave of investment is needed to ensure roads and public transport, schools, water, electricity and health services support people's quality of life and economic productivity.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the report's findings pre-date the 2019/20 budget, in which the government announced $A23 billion worth of infrastructure projects, 160 of which were focused on busting congestion.

The government has committed $A100 billion to infrastructure over the next 10 years.

"What the report calls for is obviously continued and upgraded investment in infrastructure. The government is doing that," the prime minister told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday.


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