Kiwi killed in Yemen drone strike named

A New Zealander killed in a drone strike in Yemen has been named as Daryl Jones by an Australian newspaper.

Mr Jones, who had taken the name Muslim bin John, was a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand and was among five suspected al-Qaeda members killed in in a US predator drone strike in November.

He has been named by The Australian newspaper.

Australian Christopher Havard, 27, was also among the five people killed in the November 19 strike, and had lived in New Zealand for two years before moving to Yemen.

According to The Australian, the pair were travelling in a convoy of cars in Hadramout, in east Yemen, when the drone struck.

Jones was married with children and used to live in Sydney, where he regularly attended the Lakemba mosque, the newspaper said.

A Facebook post on the Revert Muslims Association page, dated less than a month after the drone strike last year, stated "brother Daryl Jones" was missing and had been planning to return to New Zealand.

"I have received news our brother Daryl Jones, also known as Muslim, is missing. He last called his family in May earlier this year from Dubai. He was going to fly back to New Zealand. There hasn't been contact since."

The Australian reported Mr Jones had been travelling in the Middle East in mid 2012.

Prime Minister John Key previously said Mr Jones was being monitored by intelligence services before moving to Yemen.


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