Politically correct loos panned in Britain

The introduction of gender-neutral public toilets by some English councils has been labelled "political correctness gone barmy" by opponents.

At least two councils have proposed to adopt the new loo code so as not to "alienate the transgender community", British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports.

Under the plans, facilities would not show a "man" or "ladies" symbol but instead a sign indicating they can be used by people of all ages and any gender.

Images depicting a man, a woman and a child will be fitted to the doors.  

"This does seem to be a case of unnecessary bureaucracy and political correctness," Lynda Hyde, a Tory councillor from one of the affected areas, told the newspaper.

"Local residents, particularly women with children, would much prefer to use separate facilities as, apart from anything else, it is safer."

Work is already under way on the first of the new public toilets at Brighton, with plans to gradually phase in the new signage at all facilities.

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