Woman ties up husband, severs his penis

An Eastern Carolina woman was charged with kidnapping and malicious castration after allegedly tying up her 61-year-old husband and dismembering him, according to an NBC affiliate in North Carolina.

It's not known why Victoria Frabutt allegedly assaulted her husband James around 4am, Major Jason Wank said.

According to Carteret County deputies, James was transported to Greenville, North Carolina's Vidant Medical Center, and his amputated penis was put on ice.

Te transcript of her call to emergency services, obtained by local news station WITN, shows that Frabutt was chillingly calm after the brutal assault.

Frabutt tells the operator she used a pruner that was "good for pruning roses" before she's asked if her husband is bleeding heavily.

"Oh no," replies Frabutt. "Like I said, I couldn't even get enough blood to make the sign of the cross, or write sinner, or anything like that."

Frabutt refused to say exactly where she had cut her husband, only telling emergency services that he was bleeding from "his favourite part of himself," and that her actions were a "message against sinning against God and fornication".

The alleged culprit was set to appear in court on Wednesday (local time). Her bond was set at $US100,000.

The Frabutt's story bears some semblance to the infamous saga of John and Lorraine Bobbitt, which made headlines 25 years ago after Lorena cut off her husband's penis while he slept.

Lorena alleged she mutilated her husband because he had sexually abused her, which he denied. Police officers recovered John's severed penis, placed it on ice and rushed it to the hospital where the victim was being treated.

The organ was successfully reattached and John went on to enjoy a short career as an adult film actor. He was acquitted of abusing Lorena and she was found not guilty of castrating him on the grounds of temporary insanity.

 - additional reporting NZ Herald


Well, 'dismembered' his member, the rest left intact.

Bible Belt.

The investigating officer certainly has an interesting name.