1080 propaganda

The present 1080 aerial bombardment programme is by far the best propaganda/conspiracy campaign ever to take place in New Zealand (and possibly the world!).

Many believe that the 1080 propaganda makes the work of Dr Joseph Goebbels look rank amateurish; because the DOC 1080 program has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the elimination of predators, because it is simply a billion dollar business; for these reasons:

• The Government owns the 1080 factories
• There are now very few possums & only 0.004% carry Bovine TB
• 1080 has little effect on feral cats, ferret, stoat or weasel numbers – all of which carry Bovine TB
• 1080 has little effect on rat numbers. DOC’s mythical annual ‘explosion’ of rat numbers would be impossible if 1080 was effective!
• The fact also is that 1080 has had little effect on rat numbers clearly confirms that the DOC 1080 program is all about money!
• The movement of domestic cattle is mainly responsible for the spread of Bovine TB!
• It is simply a billion dollar industry that is now totally out of control!

Regarding the 1080 deaths of domestic animals – this information is readily available on the Internet, together with numerous graphic video footage.

 - Neil Hayes QSM CEnv PhD

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