DCC building code

There is an irony in the story of the tree house not meeting building code and the heavy handed approach the council has taken.

The handrail on the stairs from the car park leading to the Golden Centre is non complaint, yet the council have never done anything about it. 

I wonder how many people, apart from me, have hurt their fingers while trying to hold onto the left handrail while descending the stairs.

The code stipulates there should be 50mm between the handrail and any structure but in places there is less than 15mm clearance.

As you get older it becomes more important to be able to hold onto the handrail but that is impossible on these stairs, So is the council so adamant about upholding the code when faced with an ordinary person but not when faced with a large company? How did this get passed in the first place?

 - Derek Mycock

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