Helpful NZers make accident a pleasant experience

Travelling along New Zealand’s winding roads with its beautiful scenery can be a very pleasant surprise experience.

Today while travelling back to Queenstown from Glenorchy along the Glenorchy-Queenstown road, an oncoming vehicle crossed over the middle line and hit our car.

We were still in shock when Collin and Maggie from Arrowtown pulled over in their car and instantly assured us by taking control of the situation. They called the police and helped direct traffic.

During this time, helpful NZ drivers would pull up and asked if help was needed and giving us comforting smiles and kind words.

For more than an hour, Collin and Maggie stayed with us, engaging us in pleasant conversation and patiently guiding traffic.

When the police arrived, the professionalism was exemplary and they stayed with us until our tow truck arrived. Offering even to give us a ride to Queenstown should we need one.

Will like to comment NZ for such wonderful people. Turning even an accident into a pleasant experience is no mean feat and NZ should be proud of your people.

 - Lee Seng Beo, Singapore

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