Lime needs to be liable for ACC

I agree with the suggestion made by Dr Sue Bidrose, reported by Chris Morris in Monday’s ODT, that all forms of transport on footpaths should be required to keep below a speed threshold.

But my main interest is to make e-scooter companies liable to ACC payments in proportion to the number of their scooters in NZ. According to an article in the ODT on January 10 ‘There have been more than 600 e-scooter ACC injury claims since the e-scooters launched in Auckland in October last year and later in Christchurch and the Hutt Valley’. 

My view is that making the company liable for ACC cost is equitable (Why should the taxpayer pay the ACC bill for a commercial company?) and will be an excellent incentive for these companies to be serious about reducing accidents. I think this will require NZ Transport Agency to make a change in classification of e-scooters.

 - Trevor Webb

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