Logging trucks

Most logging trucks are driven by thoughtful good truck drivers. Sadly a number of their ranks let all the good ones down.

In city limits, built up areas, trucks are not suppose to engine brake. That is the law isn't it. A number of drivers it seems just do not know about this or plain do not give a darn.

Coming into Dunefin City just before the city belt, with hundreds of homes in close proximity the residents are forced to put up with the dreadful noise of a number trucks coming into town making one hell of a racket, 99% of the time it's logging trucks. This is a small number of the hundreds of trucks on the same road every day.

Many of us residents are very well aware that it is repeat offenders, the same trucks doing more than one trip in a day. Do we have to start taking clips the offending trucks, recording the noise they make as well.
Enough is enough.

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