Is New Zealand broken?

For many years I have read and viewed articles about New Zealand child and general poverty, the housing crisis, and Governments solutions to rectify this.

Payments for Rental Properties are out of control, remedy Government subsidy. High electricity, new subsidy. High food costs subsidized by food banks and charities. High crime rates, build more prisons. At least they are fed and have housing. Elderly still working, why? They can't afford not to. Stress and Depression at an all time high. On and on and round and round we go.

Giving more Welfare won't fix this. Building more affordable (yeah right) housing won't fix this. Living wage won't fix this. Planting trees won't fix this.

We are surrounded by food yet we can't afford to feed our families.

Tourism isn't a remedy when our infrastructure is so inadequate. Classic example on squandering our ghost cycle lanes. Councils spending millions, who for?

When did we become a band-aid society, is New Zealand broken?

 -Jeanette Anderson

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