Response to dental article

I recently read the article that dental association has rejected a cap on subsidised fees.

I would like to highlight to ODT that there are a number of associations out there that advocate for oral health and support Prof Boardbent's call to have the dental industry regulated especially when it comes to publicly funded care. Our response as below:

Both New Zealand Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association (NZDOHTA) and the New Zealand Dental Hygienists’ Association (NZDHA) fully support that having a cap on fees and subsidies is required to ensure we do not have cost blowouts over time. The oral health for children in New Zealand can be better resourced but because it is delivered largely by the public sector, the number of children receiving timely care free of charge is only possible through the community oral health service model. Hence, one of the possible solutions to meeting the oral health needs of low income New Zealanders is to deliver services to this cohort through publicly funded services on publicly funded facilities. Dental therapists, dental hygienists, oral health therapists and dentists must work as a team to address the unmet needs of the population.

Arish Naresh

Chairperson, NZ Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association

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