Suicide under scrutiny at Men's Summit

Media reporting of suicide ignores most of the problem, according to Tauranga psychologist Hans Laven.

He will talk about male suicide at this week's Dunedin Men's Summit conference at the University of Otago Oval on Friday.

Laven said that although men commit 75% of suicides, prevention services tailored for men are almost nonexistent.

"More New Zealand men have been deliberately killing themselves each year than our total road and homicide tolls combined, yet suicide receives little attention or resources compared with the huge campaigns targeting road safety and family violence."

"Research is lacking so we don't even know much about why so many men feel so worthless as to commit suicide. The problem is dismissed by simply blaming men for using more lethal methods or for not seeking emotional help."
Laven claimed that there is a reluctance to show caring about men and to acknowledge men are struggling.

The 2019 Men's Summit will be held this Friday 12th April on the 3rd floor of the University of Otago Oval in North Dunedin.

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