Tired of council's road cone terror!

For months now we have experienced the worst of council's inability to plan its roading works!

I take my wife to and from the uni everyday from Port Chalmers and have had to put up with the badly designed cycle lane installation, and the added driving around the block and back to get to countdown supermarket. Now the idiots are closing Dundas st for months as well, meaning kms more travel and time and fuel wastage !

Having seen the stupidity of the new "wavy " curbing and narrowed entrance to countdown , I have slim hopes of an on schedule, or sensible job being achieved in Dundas . What bought about such an onslaught of roading terror from the council? They have so many road works all going at the same time, that getting around the city is an absolute bloody nightmare!

Back to that cycle lane ...badly laid out ,in the wet at night the concrete is invisible, badly thought out , it puts the cycles on the preferred side of the road and all the parking on the other, meaning that ALL car users must cross two lanes of traffic to reach their destination .....dangerous and unfair to the MAJORITY of road users!

When there is a bike in the lane (very rarely ) or some one is walking on the foot path and someone wants to enter a driveway they are forced to stop in the vehicle lanes of state highway one, and I have seen huge back ups and am waiting for the accidents to start happening !

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