Transport woes

Just read your lead story in Thursday's paper quoting Richard Saunders of the council’s transport group.

It explains a lot, no wonder our roading network is in such a mess of road cones, judder bars, narrow traffic lanes and out of sync traffic lights. 

I used to think old men were grumpy just because they were, well grumpy, but as I have reached later maturity, I have come to realise it’s because we have long memories.

Like being able to transit the city with all the traffic light allowing a smooth trip without having to stop and start at every intersection. Being able to go from North East Valley to the Oval in 5 minutes not 20 as happened the other day or driving down Castle Street without a dirty big truck 12 inches away from my shoulder in the other lane.

I fear for the safety of mothers removing their babies from the back seat of their cars when parked outside the museum as they turn their backs on the traffic a mere foot away.

Mr Saunders, it appears, doesn’t care about the people (rate payers) who are working for businesses (also rate payers) within the city. They are paying for their parking and it is unreasonable for it to be taken away from them for two months without any further arrangement being made for them.

As to the suggestion that we take public transport, bikes, or walk. Again, really? I take it that Mr Saunders is one of the lucky few who isn’t waiting for a hip replacement, and can ride or walk or climb up the steps on a bus, some of us just can’t.

Don’t bother replying to this Mr Saunders. I’ve noticed that all yours and your colleague’s previous correspondence to the paper is PR waffle or to put it more accurately, bulls***.

 - Graham Scott

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