‘Tasmania’ repaired

The steamship Tasmania in dock at Port Chalmers for examination and repairs following a beaching...
The steamship Tasmania in dock at Port Chalmers for examination and repairs following a beaching at Bluff. — Otago Witness, 23.5.1922
The New Zealand Shipping Company’s oversea steamer Tasmania has been repaired at Port Chalmers, and comes out of dock this morning.Over the fractured plating amidships a large over-all plate has been riveted. About two dozen doubtful rivets in the stern post, down at the lowest plate, have been renewed.

The latter work indicates that when the steamer grounded in Bluff harbour her "heel" must have been in contact with some obstruction as the tide receded.

When she comes out of dry dock this morning the Tasmania will haul across to the George street pier and commence taking in the cargo — about 2000 tons — she discharged for lightening purposes before going into dock.

High school proposed for South Otago

At the monthly meeting of the Otago Education Board a letter was received from the Director of Education (Mr T.B. Strong) stating that he had received a letter from Mr A.S. Malcolm advising that the Balclutha District High School committee had unanimously declared in favour of the establishment of a high school, preferably one that would make agriculture a specialty, and at the same time provide academic courses of education.

The board decided to approve the application if the committee secured the requisite support in the way of signatures of parents.

The committee is to be informed of the necessary steps to be taken, and if the information comes to hand, the secretary is to call a special meeting during Show Week.

Shocking home conditions

The attendance officer of the Otago Education Board (Mr J.E. Ryan) reported to the meeting yesterday that during the past month he had found it necessary to call on the assistance of Sister Norah, of the Women and Children's Protection Society, in reference to a disgraceful case of parental indifference towards their children.

The family in question consisted of five children from 8 years down to the baby, who all slept in one bed, with a scanty supply of covering, which was in a filthy condition.

The father of the children was in constant work and was well able to pay for all the requirements of his family, had he any inclination to do so.

The police had the matter at hand and were taking proceedings with a view to having the children removed from the custody of the parents.

Too much exposure

"The present-day fashions are shocking. An illustration is given by the half-naked young women who appear in the streets of our city.

Still, they are not so much to blame as their parents."

These observations were made by the Rev Fr Kennedy during the course of a sermon in the Franciscan Church, Waverley, Sydney, recently.

Revivalist Booth predicts with this era of "powdered" nudity, and "peek-a-boo" fluff, "lo-and-behold" blouses, and "touch-and-tumble" frocks, the devil will get the girl, and the British Empire will follow the Babylonian and other ancient empires, and be dumped into hell.

ODT 19.5.1922

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