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Lake Harris, in the Wakatipu  District, on the track to Martin’s Bay. — Otago Witness, 28.5.1919 ...
Lake Harris, in the Wakatipu District, on the track to Martin’s Bay. — Otago Witness, 28.5.1919 COPIES OF PICTURE AVAILABLE FROM ODT FRONT OFFICE, LOWER STUART ST, OR WWW.OTAGOIMAGES.CO.NZ
US transatlantic flight at Azores

LONDON: The United States seaplane No. 4, attempting a trans-Atlantic crossing, has arrived at the Azores. It left Trepassey Bay at 11 p.m. on Friday. The actual flying time was 13 hours 15 minutes, and the speed was 100 miles per hour. It is expected to resume the next stage tonight, arriving in Lisbon on Sunday morning. The crew will rest at Lisbon for 48 hours, and should arrive at Plymouth on Tuesday. The seaplanes No. 1 and No. 3, which are accompanying No. 4, have not arrived at the Azores. No. 1 sent out S.O.S. calls at 3 p.m., and is believed to have got lost in a fog, and compelled to descend in the water. Four destroyers are searching. No. 3 has also been missing since it signalled in the forenoon, when it was flying off its course. The Evening Sun's Horta correspondent says that the other two United States seaplanes, reported lost in a fog off the Azores, are expected to pick up their course and to arrive shortly. The course of flight is being patrolled by United States warships, and other warships stationed at intervals of 50 miles have received hourly wireless messages from the seaplanes. No. 4 made the trip from Trepassey Bay to Horta in 15 hours 13 minutes. Another report states No. 1 alighted in the sea 200 miles south of Fayal.

Appeal for wounded soldier

A pleasing illustration of how practical appreciation of what our soldiers have done may be shown by those for whom they have suffered comes from the Moonlight and Macraes district. A resident of the district, Mr William Dodd, recently returned from active service with one arm permanently disabled, and Mr J. O'Connell organised among residents of the district a sale of stock on his behalf. He met with a ready response, and the following contributions were received:- Hay Brothers, Deep Dell, 10 sheep; W. Hay, Moonlight, 5; J. O'Connell, Macraes Flat, 10; George Roy, Moonlight, 10; T. Gilbert, Moonlight, 3; Roy Brothers, Moonlight, 6; W. Pearson, Moonlight, 4; G. Clark, Moonlight, 8; Hayes Brothers, Moonlight, 10; W. Hefferman and Con, 5; D. Ross, 5; Mrs Nolan, 4; Mrs Mills, 3. These sheep were sold by auction and realised a total sum of 71, and this amount, together with 5 donated by Mr G. F. Cockerell and 8 by Mr G. A. Sutherland, has been handed over to Mr Dodd.

Scheelite miners affected

At the Waihemo County Council meeting on Saturday Cr O'Connell stated that a number of scheelite miners in the county had been seriously affected by the imperial Government suddenly ceasing to take the product of their industry. The position was that all scheelite had been commandeered by the Imperial Government for the duration of the war and six months afterwards, but recently they received a fortnight's notice that no more scheelite would be accepted. He held that the Government had broken its agreement, as the peace was not yet signed. The miners were asking that the metal should be taken for six months longer to enable them to clear up what they had on hand. Cr O'Neill suggested that 12 months should be asked for instead of six. Eventually, on the motion of Cr O'Connell, seconded by Cr Matheson, it was decided to approach the New Zealand Government with a view to securing from the Imperial Government an extension of 12 months for the acceptance of scheelite. - ODT, 18.5.1919

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