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Floodwaters cover the Taieri Plain, near Allanton. — Otago Witness, 29.8.1919.
Floodwaters cover the Taieri Plain, near Allanton. — Otago Witness, 29.8.1919.
St Kilda drainage problems

Extreme dissatisfaction with the existing state of the drainage scheme in St. Kilda was expressed at a meeting of the Borough Council last evening. The matter was introduced by Cr Densem, who said he thought the time had come when the council should lay the position before the Drainage Board and demand that something should be done. The borough was in a worse position as regards drainage than ever before.-(Hear, hear.) There was hardly a street crossing that one could cross over in safety during the last fortnight. The Drainage Board had undertaken to drain the borough, and it should finish the job. Until the drain was put in in Driver street they were not likely to obtain redress. As a council they should do something drastic to have matters improved. The ratepayers had been paying a special drainage rate for months and months and getting nothing in return. Indeed, the board had left things worse than when it started. He moved- "That the council write to the Drainage Board, stating that it had waited long enough for the main sewer for Driver street, and wished the board to go on with the work right away." Cr Longworth seconded the motion. "It only wants a few gondolas," he said, "and you would think you were in Venice."

Voracious shags

At the meeting of the Otago Acclimatisation Society’s Council last night, a letter was read from the director of the Zoological and Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, in the course of which he referred to the question of destroying shags. Giving an instance of the rapacity of shags, he wrote:- "We saw one of these birds lately in our botanical gardens swallowing an eel about 2ft long, but it had great difficulty in keeping the fish down, as apparently when it got well down into its crop, the eel would give two or three wriggles, and come out again, and so it went on for about half an hour, when the eel became exhausted and stopped where the bird put him."

City butter shortage

The butter shortage is apparently becoming very acute in the city. Shopkeepers have been unable to supply customers with anything like their usual quantities, as they are not being supplied by the dairy companies whose stores are alleged to be full of butter awaiting export. Yesterday afternoon a large crowd of householders assembled in front of the Taieri and Peninsula Company’s offices in search of this very necessary table commodity. The fortunate people who came first were able to obtain 2lb or 3lb each, but later arrivals had to be satisfied with half-a-pound, and at 3 o’clock some hundred indignant shoppers were sent empty away. In several instances the whole available family had turned out, and several members of the one family managed to get supplied. This double-banking could surely be obviated if the butter supplies were available through the ordinary channels, as then everyone would have a fair share. It appears that people who are regularly supplied with milk by the Taieri and Peninsula Company are able to get a sufficient supply of butter delivered with their milk, and there is no shortage of cream. The whole position as regards supply and distribution appears to be most unsatisfactory.

— ODT, 28.8.1919.

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