Alexandra memorial unveiled

Unveiling the fallen soldiers' memorial at Alexandra on Armistice Day, 1921. — Otago Witness, 29...
Unveiling the fallen soldiers' memorial at Alexandra on Armistice Day, 1921. — Otago Witness, 29.11.1921 COPIES OF PICTURE AVAILABLE FROM ODT FRONT OFFICE, LOWER STUART ST, OR WWW.OTAGOIMAGES.CO.NZ
The district’s memorial to the local fallen soldiers was unveiled on Friday (Armistice Day) before a large gathering of the public and school children from all around.

The proceedings opened with the National Anthem, and after a prayer of thanksgiving and dedication had been offered by the Rev J. Standring, the Mayor (Mr W. Black) performed the ceremony of unveiling the statue.

After that wreaths were reverently laid at the foot of the memorial by various representative bodies, the Returned Soldiers’ Association, private citizens, and school children.

The memorial stands in the main thoroughfare, at the junction of two principal streets and in front of the entrance to the public recreation reserve.

The solid concrete base takes the form of a substantial rockery. On the top of the rockery is built a terrace base for the column of marble which contains on its four sides the inscription and names of the fallen soldiers commemorated. On the top of the column is placed a well-sculptured statue in marble of an Anzac soldier.

Lake Logan inspection

The members of the Otago Harbour Board paid a visit of inspection to the Lake Logan reclamation work on Monday. Dr Barnett and the president of the University Students’ Association were also present.

A general discussion took place on the best way to lay out the area and various opinions were offered. The work of reclaiming the lake area is handicapped by reason of the fact that the city electric power for the sand- pumping operations can only be utilised at night, and it is considered that it will be well on for another 18 months before the level aimed at over the whole area is reached.

As a matter of fact, however, the full area is now above the harbour high water mark. It is interesting to note that the board has already spent £21,000 on the reclaiming of the 64 acres of the lake. It is estimated that it costs £450 per acre for reclamation, and to this has to be added another £200 for the formation of roads etc. A culvert from the mouth of the Opoho Creek to the Leith estuary will cost about £7000. It is understood that the question of the arrangements under which an allotment of the area may be made to the City Council will be further discussed at the next meeting of the board.

One or two members of the board, it is said, have an idea that it would be in its best interests if it were to endeavour to dispose of the whole of the 64 acres in one fell swoop, so to speak, to either the city Corporation or the University authorities.

Impressed with Milford Track

A visitor who went north from Dunedin yesterday, Mr N. MacKenzie Forbes, of the Imperial Hotel, Wanganui was with the party which was first over the Milford track this
season. Mr Forbes was greatly impressed with the whole tour.

The party experienced beautiful weather on the way over, and saw the McKinnon Valley at its best. On the return trip they struck snow at the Quinton Huts, and the pass was traversed in two feet of snow, the tourists being rewarded with wonderful views.

Speaking to the local representative of the Tourist Department (Mr J.F. Robinson), Mr Forbes said that although it was early in the season, and all the provisions were not quite up-to-date, he had received the best attention and had enjoyed the trip immensely.   — ODT, 17.11.1921.


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