Attitudes to marriage changing

Probably there never was a time in the history of the dominion when the marriage relation was more lightly entered upon by both sexes and when the consequent parental responsibilities were less seriously regarded, if indeed not altogether evaded.

The crop of divorces and separations, the frequency of wife desertions, the multiplication of orphanages which are no sooner open then filled to the doors, to say nothing of the continually reported cases of infanticide, abortion, and other sexual offences, constitute alarming phenomena which the student of sociology may by no means disregard. It is not safe, however, to assume that the social morality of today is on a lower level than, say, 50 years ago; only with the spread of knowledge and a wider outlook public opinion on such matters as marriage and morality has undergone a surprising change and the expression in everyday life differs considerably.

Dunedin City Council water plans

The report of the Water Committee of the City Council in regard to the water supply for Dunedin was considered at a special meeting of the council last night, the two consulting engineers Messrs Williams and Couston and the city engineer (Mr McCurdy) being also present. A large number of questions addressed to the engineers were answered and the council afterwards proceeded to deal with the various recommendations made by the committee.

Proceedings were of a most

lengthy nature, and a number of the councillors  expressed in unqualified terms their opinion that the report was “over wordy”. No fewer than five amendments had to be dealt with. The decision finally reached provides for the adoption of the proposal for repairs to the Silverstream race, boring for underground water, preventing waste and obtaining particulars with regard to the plant necessary for improving the Southern Reservoir. It was further decided to instruct the committee to obtain a report from Mr Slinger on the most economical and efficient method of increasing the water supply up to the requirements of the city, including a supply for a reasonable expansion of population, and a report from Mr Stewart in conjunction with this Mr Slinger on a subterranean supply.

Training women as dentists

Dr Pickerill reported to the University Council yesterday that he had attended a meeting of the Council of the New Zealand Dental Association in Wellington on the occasion when it consulted with the Ministry of Education as to the proposal to train women as operators in the school dental service. The meeting finally arrived at a compromise, and agreed, first, that women should be employed as dental nurses, and, second, that they should do a limited amount of operating under the direct supervision of a qualified dentist, and that the period of training should, if necessary, be for two years.

Magistrate sympathetic

“I am quite sympathetic with you.” remarked Mr F.K. Hunt, SM to a motorist who was prosecuted at the Petone Magistrate’s Court for exceeding the speed limit as provided in the borough bylaws. “I am a motorist myself, and the council ought to give a dispensation on race days to motorists, and notify the public.” — (laughter). “In the present case you are fined £1, with costs.” — ODT, 22.9.1920.


Very little time for that FK Hunt SM.

I can't help but wonder what the commentator on the changing attitudes toward marriage would think if they knew how the situation would have changed 100 years later. I suspect they would be appalled and think we had gone to hell in a hand basket. I wonder what the status will be in 100 years time?