Christies XV in Technical knockout

Lineout in the rugby match Christian Brothers v Dunedin Technical College.  — Otago Witness, 6.9...
Lineout in the rugby match Christian Brothers v Dunedin Technical College. — Otago Witness, 6.9.1921.
The secondary schools' competition has now been closed with Christian Brothers leading by 2 points. The fight for premiership in this grade developed into a two-team event, there being little difference between the two leading teams. These teams met three times during the course of the season, Technical School winning the first game by 13 to 3. The second game ended in favour of Christian Brothers by a small margin of 3 points, while the play-off left Christian Brothers the winners. High School First and Second, although not quite equal to the strength of the leading teams, played well and gave quite a creditable exhibition of the game.

Forbury Park improvements

At the annual meeting of the Forbury Park Trotting Club held in the clubrooms last evening the president (Mr Gabriel Hodges) congratulated members on a very successful season’s operations. He said the new stand for members and officials, although not quite finished, had been made available for use at the last winter meeting, and had been greatly appreciated. The stand was now practically finished, and for future meetings would be furnished and made more comfortable. The committee had decided upon extensive alterations to the grounds and buildings, so as to give more room for the general public. The enclosure very often was so crowded as to be uncomfortable, and to get over this difficulty they intended to enlarge the enclosure, by taking in the present outside public stand, and forming a continuous terrace in front of both stands. In addition, they intended to asphalt all the ground round about the totalisator and stands, to enlarge the tea rooms and to erect a small open stand for riders and drivers at the north end of the members’ stand. Ab new stand for the outside public bwould be built a little to the south of the present building.

Churches seek law changes

The Council of Christian Churches held its annual meeting on Monday, when it was decided to renew the protest of the council against any increase whatsoever in the number of totalisator permits or days of racing. The council determined to memorialise the Minister of Justice and the local members of Parliament urging an amendment in “The Crimes Act, 1908” in the direction of abolishing as a valid plea the statement that the prisoner had “reasonable cause to believe” a girl to be over 16 years of age, and also to extend to 12 months the time after commission of an offence during which a man could be prosecuted.

All Saints’ sale of work

One of the generally accepted functions of girls’ friendly societies is to organise entertainments in order to provide funds for the furtherance of church activities and charities. In this respect the GFS connected with All Saints’ church is never weary of well-doing, a proof of this being furnished yesterday afternoon, when a sale of work organised by this body of church
labourers was opened in All Saints’ schoolroom. The various stalls spoke volumes for the diligence of the workers, both in finishing articles of apparel, and for the home, and in collecting produce, etc. The stalls presented an attractive appearance when the sale began, but at the close of the evening it was evident brisk business had been done.

— ODT, 31.8.1921.

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