Christ's evens the record

Christ's College rugby team, which defeated Otago Boys' High School (right) at Carisbrook 17-6. —...
Christ's College rugby team, which defeated Otago Boys' High School (right) at Carisbrook 17-6. — Otago Witness, 8.8.1922
The thirty-ninth annual match between Otago Boys’ High School and Christ’s College was played at Carisbrook yesterday in dull, fine weather.

The ground was in excellent order, and the game was played to an accompaniment of cheering by supporters of both teams. The teams having given their respective war cries, kicked off against the cross wind. The game ended Christ’s College 17 points, Otago High School 6 points. Mr G. McKenzie was referee. College has won 19 matches and the School 19. One match has been drawn.


Queenstown’s perfect climate

The weather we are experiencing here is still "Wakatipu" weather. There should be no need to explain, for Wakatipu weather is known far and wide to be  synonymous with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine. We truly have a wonderful climate. The three months of winter now about to give place to the three months  of spring have been the finest on record. Scarcely any rain, comparatively speaking, has fallen, and very little snow. There has been none at all on the flats. One of the oldest runholders here states that he can remember only one previous winter in his experience when there was so little snow on the ranges. But the season itself, he  states, was not nearly such a fine one. The absence of wind, too, has been almost unprecedented. Hard frost still prevails — as hard almost as we have had this winter — hence skating is having a great innings as the popular pastime.


Land, building prices rise

Of late there has been something of a slump in the property market, but, according to information gathered by a Daily Times reporter yesterday, the ubiquitous and  energetic agent has taken a new lease of life within the past few days. House properties have made a sudden move upward in sympathy with the increased demand. The case of some places in the course of erection in one of the suburbs affords an illustration of the tendency. Similar buildings completed were sold at £950, but the demand was good enough to warrant those responsible for the venture in raising the price for the houses still to be completed by £35, and all have been sold. Dearer
properties are also meeting a much more ready sale.

Milton newspaper’s new owners

The Bruce Herald changes hands, the paper having been purchased by a syndicate of Milton businessmen from Mr L R. Toaswill, who purchased the business in 1915 from Mr R.A. Pyke. A company is being registered under the style of the "Bruce Publishing Company," and it is intended to install a modem model intertype setting  and a larger printing machine.


Super expensive

The system under which superphosphates are being imported to the dominion is not working satisfactorily, stated Mr J.T.P. Mitchell. Mr Mitchell went on to say in the two years in which the scheme had been in existence the dominion had not taken its full quota, and unless an improvement was shown during the remaining three years only small quantities would be available at a higher figure.

ODT, 1.8.1922