Coincidentally timed deputations

On the Main North Road near Merton, north of Dunedin. — Otago Witness, 6.7.1920. COPIES OF...
On the Main North Road near Merton, north of Dunedin. — Otago Witness, 6.7.1920. COPIES OF PICTURE AVAILABLE FROM ODT FRONT OFFICE, LOWER STUART ST, OR WWW.OTAGOIMAGES.CO.NZ
WELLINGTON, July 16: Deputations continue to descend upon Ministers. Today the Prime Minister had the whole of his morning occupied, and other Ministers also had much valuable time taken up. It is an extraordinary coincidence that so many deputations find their way from north and south to the capital when there is something doing at the Trentham racecourse. It is presumed that there is no connection between possible totalisator dividends and demands for a bridge at Lone Dog Gully or a bit of metal for Dead Horse Flat, and that the deputationists pay their own expenses, even in the instances where they do not “back a winner”. There was some rather pretty sword play at a deputation to one of the new Ministers today, who slyly but solemnly mentioned that there was a race meeting on. The question arose as to deferring the Ministerial reply for a day or two. “Are you going back tomorrow?” asked the Minister. “ No,” said the leader of the deputation. “I'm afraid we cannot get away before Monday.” The minister, who is himself a bit of a sport, kept a solemn countenance, as did also the deputationist. Only the press men who were present smiled. Insofar as the Prime Minister is concerned, he has, as I advised you yesterday, been compelled to set apart certain days for deputations. He announced in the House today that he would take deputations only on Mondays and Thursdays. He stated that Saturdays and Wednesdays during the session were reserved for Cabinet meetings.This left only the forenoon of two days for departmental and Parliamentary work. That was, he said, quite little enough for the purpose.

Young woman immigrants

More than usual interest attached to the arrival of the Shaw, Savill & Albion liner Mahana at Wellington on Friday night from the United Kingdom, via Panama, as the vessel brought a large number of immigrants, mostly young women, for various New Zealand ports.The Mahana, which is the first immigrant ship to arrive in New Zealand since the war, brought altogether 955 passengers, 75 of whom are booked for Dunedin.

Grounds for divorce

Evidence was given in a divorce case heard at Auckland recently that the petitioner was not aware until three years after her marriage that her husband was an escaped prisoner, who had been serving a life sentence. On returning from military service in France he was arrested and was now in Auckland Gaol. As it was proved that he had misconducted himself in London, his wife was granted a decree nisi.

One-sided ageing treatment

Paris: Dr Steinbach, a Vienna scientist, has rejuvenated several old men by his treatment of the interstitial glands. The treatment of women failed. The wives are resentful, declaring that they will not tolerate youthful husbands, while they are compelled to grow old.

Australasian altitude record set

At Melbourne, on June 25, Captain A.W. Vigers, MC, DFC, flying a Sopwith Gnu fitted with a 20 horsepower Bentley engine, with pilot and three passengers reached the height of 15,200 ft. This is an Australasian record for height. The same machine made an Australasian record for speed at 134.4 miles per hour in March last.

— ODT, 19.7.1920.

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