Comfort for power scheme staff

Hydro workers’ houses dot the hillside below the penstocks at Lake Coleridge, Canterbury. — Otago...
Hydro workers’ houses dot the hillside below the penstocks at Lake Coleridge, Canterbury. — Otago Witness, 8.4.1924
In order to ensure comfort during the winter months for the workers engaged on the duplicating work at Lake Coleridge, 12 draught-proof collapsible huts are being transported out there. The huts consist of two rooms, 12 feet by 10ft, and each room is fitted with glass windows. When the huts are erected, the sections are fastened together by bolts.

NSW cricketers inspire

The visit of the New South Wales team was timely, and will certainly give the grand old game a great lift locally. The public have once more come back to the game, and it now rests with cricketers themselves to maintain this state of affairs. To do this, they, the younger cricketers especially, must endeavour to emulate the styles and examples shown by our neighbours. The Australian school is an ideal one from which the youngster may get his coaching. Fast scoring, perfect timing, accurate placing and correct footwork — attractive cricket generally — were the features outlined in the batting displays of the Welshmen. 

In the field, team work was clearly recognised, and, placing the field to suit the bowling was also in evidence. Of course, it need hardly be remarked that the bowler bowled accordingly.

By the time the Australians pay us another visit, it is to be hoped their teachings will not have been in vain. — by ‘Slip’

Keeping sexual diseases secret

The Hospital Committee recommends that the board carry on the VD clinic at the Dunedin Hospital when the same is relinquished by the Public Health Department on April 1, 1924, and that the services of Dr Marshall be retained to take charge of the clinic. The committee further recommends that Dr Marshall and his assistant maintain absolute secrecy in regard to names and identification of persons, as is done at present. The charge to be 2 shillings sixpence per visit, as for all out-patient attendances. If the patient is unable to pay such fee, the same is to be reduced.

Windows operating system update

Amongst other matters referred to in the Otago Hospital Committee’s report to be submitted at the next meeting of the board is a clause that authority has been granted to place stops on all windows at the Dunedin Hospital to permit of the lower portion of the windows not opening more than six inches.

A little bit lonely at 1am

At a quarter to 1 this morning the moon entered into the first stages of a total eclipse, when she passed into the penumbra. At 1.48 she entered the shadow, and 2.50 saw the beginning of the total eclipse. The middle of the eclipse was attained at 3.38, and the total eclipse ended at 4.25. She left the shadow at 5.28, and at 6.32 passed out of range of the penumbra. The magnitude of the eclipse was 1.606 (diameter of moon being proportionately equal to 1). 

There was a certain amount of mist about, which rendered careful observation rather difficult, but on the whole the conditions were fairly satisfactory for casual observers. The hour, however, was certainly inconvenient.

$51m (2023$) for H20

When speaking on irrigation matters at Galloway yesterday the Minister of Public Works (the Hon J.G. Coates) mentioned that the total expenditure on irrigation in Central Otago up to the end of December, 1923, was £419,279. — ODT, 21.2.1924

Compiled by Peter Dowden