Dam go-ahead sparks Clutha rush

Permission for Kawarau Gold Mining Co to build a dam at the outlet of Lake Wakatipu was granted...
Permission for Kawarau Gold Mining Co to build a dam at the outlet of Lake Wakatipu was granted on January 18, 1924.— Otago Witness, 18.3.1924
Since the granting of the Kawarau syndicate's rights at Queenstown there has been another revival of claim-pegging on the river from Cromwell to Clyde.
When the scheme was first mooted this section of the Molyneux was all taken up, but after applications had been before the court for some time they were all struck out in October as Warden Dixon held out little hope of an extension of time for the hearing, seeing in them little bearing on the main scheme. Applications for special dredging claims have now been lodged over areas embracing several miles of river from Cromwell towards Clyde. These will be before the court at Cromwell in February.
Duping the Brighton boatman
Early associations seldom fail to leave an indelible feeling of affection in the mind, and I turn to Brighton with kindly recollections.Sculling his way sedately beneath the bridge that spans the river was the boatman, tall, seldom smiling and going on his way with a slow, relentless insistence that must characterise him in all things. His hair, I noticed, is grey now, and I thought with a pang of some of the ruses that we used to adopt in order to secure a boat for the river when cash was short.A rowlock recovered from the river depths was always worth an hour’s use of one of his craft. To snatch quickly a rowlock from a moored boat, to dip it in the water, and then, with innocent mien, to return it to its rightful owner was an operation that proved highly satisfactory. It had only the drawback that it was unwise to practise it too often. And the boys of those days who took a boat knew to pay for it before leaving. Then if — as was very likely — they overstayed their time they were secure from an extra charge, for the boatman is no Shylock.
Origin of Nairn Street reserve
The City Engineer has been instructed to record the following matter for consideration with the allocations for next financial year: Proposals submitted by the council’s Works Committee for the culverting of the Kaikorai ditch from School street to Taieri road to permit of the construction of a public recreation ground in the Kaikorai district. The estimated cost is £2120.
One way to the beach
In order to provide for the better regulation of the traffic on the St Clair esplanade, and for a greater measure of safety to the public using this thoroughfare, arrangements are being made to provide for all vehicles using the esplanade to proceed on the one-way principle. The regulation will be made a by-law, a draft of which will be submitted to council in due course. Taieri Rd to be the full 20mThe question of the widening of Taieri road having frequently arisen as the result of a proposed subdivision of privately-owned lands fronting thereto, the committee has instructed that the subdivider be informed that it is the intention that this street shall ultimately be of the full chain width, as it is a main thoroughfare and may possibly carry a tramway at some future 
date. It is proposed that the matter be now provided for by the passing of a bylaw setting back the building line on the south-western side to a distance of 66 feet from the opposite side of the street. — ODT, 26.1.1924
Compiled by Peter Dowden