Dangerous undertow

A section of the crowd at the Otago A. and P. Society's 41st summer show in Dunedin. - Otago Witness, 5.12.1917.
A section of the crowd at the Otago A. and P. Society's 41st summer show in Dunedin. - Otago Witness, 5.12.1917.
The experience of two men, one of middle age and the other 18 years of age - came within the narrowest of margins of furnishing another bathing fatality in connection with the St. Kilda beach yesterday.

At noon, when the tide was on the ebb, both men entered the water in a direct line from the bathing shed. They proceeded out about 20 yards, the water being slightly more than knee deep.

Diving under the first breaker, the bathers became conscious of the influence of an extremely powerful undertow, and they had scarcely regained a footing when a second wave, six feet in height, struck them. They were carried out, helpless in the grip of the current, and found themselves unable to touch bottom.

The older swimmer called for help, but his companion was in a similar predicament, and it was only the fortunate intervention of Providence in the shape of a nine feet wave washing them inshore and enabling them to obtain a foothold that a fatality was averted.

The men were exhausted by their struggles to reach the beach. The younger man, it is understood, collapsed on reaching the beach, and will take some days to recover from his immersion and the shock.

The other swimmer, who has frequented St. Kilda beach for years, and has bathed at all the local and neighbouring beaches, states emphatically that he has never experienced such a powerful undertow before. The treachery of the beach has been brought home to him in no uncertain manner.

Te Anau road repairs

The Otago Expansion League has been in communication for some time with the Government Tourist Department in regard to matters affecting the opening of the Milford Track. The secretary of the league yesterday received a telegram in the following terms from the Hon. W. D. S. MacDonald, Minister-in-charge:- ''I have telegraphed Wallace County Council that the Government will contribute 200 towards repair to Lumsden-Te Anau road, turning river into main channel and repairing approaches to bridge, if council will contribute similar amount. If this is not agreed to I fear there will be little possibility of the Milford Track being available for traffic this season.

''The staff is all ready for the track, but as you know the Tourist Department's operations begin really at Lake Te Anau. Everything is in readiness so far as Tourist Department is concerned.''

Aphis damages peach trees

A black aphis has done considerable damage to the peach trees during the last couple of weeks (reports the Dunstan Times). In some cases the base of the trees has been simply covered by them just like a swarm of bees.

Some trees have lost every leaf to a height of several feet. Fortunately the ladybirds have now made their appearance in sufficient numbers, it is to be hoped, to wipe out the pest.

- ODT, 6.12.1917.


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