Dunedin housewives slated

Collectors for the Hospital Helpers' Association's street appeal in Dunedin. - Otago Witness, 2.4...
Collectors for the Hospital Helpers' Association's street appeal in Dunedin. - Otago Witness, 2.4.1919.
A poor opinion of many of the housewives of Dunedin was expressed by the Rev. V. G. B. King in giving evidence before the Influenza Commission yesterday.

Mr King was asked if anything was being done in the way of instructing the housewives of the city in matters of hygiene and the care of the home generally.

''There are very few housewives in the present generation, as a matter of fact,'' he replied.

''Hygienic instruction might be possible, but the only way to impart it would be to have special films inserted at the picture shows, unawares. It would have to be unawares, for if they knew that anything of an instructional nature was to be shown they would not attend.''

''Do you find widespread ignorance among the housewives in the matter of attending to the sick?'' asked Mr D. M'Laren.

''The vast mass of the people are very ignorant on this subject,'' replied Mr King, ''and as to fresh air, they hate and abhor it. It is a rare thing to see a window open in certain quarters of Dunedin, and when a window is open, it is only an inch or two at the outside. These housewives have no idea of nursing or cooking. They leave school at an early age, and go straight into shops or factories. They spend their evenings at the picture shows or promenading the park or bush. Then they marry, and when a child comes, and contracts some ailment, they have no knowledge of how to deal with it.''

Securing repeat custom

An interesting address on ''Personal Power and Efficiency Development as a Business-building Asset'' was delivered in the Y.M.C.A. Hall last night by Mr E. Moulton, of Sydney.

Mr Moulton said that there was a very close relationship between business-building and personal power, and as this relationship had been recognised the science of business-building and of personal power and efficiency has evolved.

Business-building was the art of procuring permanent and profitable patronage. It was necessary to make each customer a ''repeater'', since, where the profits from the initial deal with a patron were absorbed in expenses, the real profit must be made in subsequent transactions.

The best advertisement was the wagging tongue of the satisfied patron. The square deal, born of justice, honesty, and truth, paid big dividends, since it made permanent patrons. In regards to the development of personality, the speaker continued, one should be diligent in the cultivation of judgement, memory, desire to serve, honesty, truth, faith, enthusiasm, tact, decision, and action and one would achieve the personality which would command that confidence which was the basis of trade.

Everyone possessed these qualities in a greater or lesser degree, and they could be developed by education. Throughout life success hinged on the ability to persuade people to purchase one's product or services, be one lawyer, doctor, business man, or tradesman, and this power of persuasion could be developed.

Pigeons plentiful at Waiau

Pigeons are particularly plentiful in the Waiau district just now, and large numbers of these birds are frequently to be seen (says the Tuatapere Guardian).

On the track to Mussel Beach they are greatly in evidence. It is understood that the acclimatisation ranger has had a busy time of late in seeing that the law relating to shooting native game is being rigidly kept.

- ODT, 3.4.1919


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