Flowers produce great exhibits

Chrysanthemums on display at the Dunedin Horticultural Society’s show. Mr H.T. Travena’s winning...
Chrysanthemums on display at the Dunedin Horticultural Society’s show. Mr H.T. Travena’s winning tray of 18 varieties at left. - Otago Witness, 31.5.1921.
The Dunedin Horticultural Society will open its annual show of flowers, fruit, and vegetables at 1.30pm today.

This society needs no recommendation to the public, as the beneficial work it has done for so many years is deserving of its own reward.

The exhibition, which is to be opened today, will be continued tomorrow, and, judging by the entries in the competitive classes, it will be quite up to the standard of any of its predecessors. A lot of exhibits are promised "for exhibition only," and these, with the competitive classes, should make a highly creditable display. Of course, the outstanding flower at this season of the year is the chrysanthemum, which seems to have been produced in better form than ever. The advent of many sterling novelties in this section is arousing much interest. To assist the funds of the society and to enable it to continue its valuable educational work, the committee have decided to have an auction sale of flowers, fruit, and vegetables on Saturday evening.

Contributions for the sale will be welcomed.

Tug back after three year lay-off

The tug Dunedin, which has been laid by for the past three years, owing to the difficulties of obtaining a new boiler, is again ready for service. Her trial trip was made yesterday, the tug steaming to the Heads and back to Dunedin. The down trip was in slack water and the satisfactory speed of 10 knots was averaged; coming back the tug had to contend with the tide, and the speed averaged 9.6 knots. This is considered highly satisfactory, the coal in use not being of the best

The Harbour Board invited representatives from the local bodies and various public organisations, business interests and the like to be present at the trial yesterday, and this invitation was heartily responded to, the Deputy Mayor and many councillors being present. Refreshments were provided, and on the way back to Dunedin as many as the small saloon on the boat would accommodate assembled there, and a number of toasts were honoured.

Weekly flag ceremony for pupils

At the meeting of the Education Board yesterday Mr H. Todd moved as follows, in accordance with notice given on the previous day: “That it be an instruction to the headmasters that once a week the pupils salute the Union Jack and sing the National Anthem.” The mover said it was certainly very gratifying to know that school committees, along with others, were moving in this direction. It was also pleasing to notice that the Minister of Education went even further than the motion, and said that he would like to see the Union Jack saluted every day and the National Anthem sung every day.  They could not place too much stress on the value of getting the young people to respect the flag and teaching them to honour their King and love their country.  Mr W.R. Brugh seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.

- ODT, 20.5.1921.



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