Free circus for soldiers

Lake Kanieri, a lovely sheet of water, about 19 kilometres from Hokitika, Westland. — Otago Witness, 20.1.1920.
Lake Kanieri, a lovely sheet of water, about 19 kilometres from Hokitika, Westland. — Otago Witness, 20.1.1920.
A little act of kindness on the part of Mr George Wirth enabled the invalided soldiers in Dunedin to witness the circus performance on Friday afternoon. 

Mr Wirth extended a cordial invitation to the men to be present, and very few failed to gratefully accept the offer made.  They evidently got  talking  among themselves afterwards, and, acting on the principle that ‘‘one good turn deserves another’’ — a most appropriate phrase to use when referring to anything connected with circus life — decided that Mr Wirth's kindness should not go unrecognised.  They in company with the Rev. Bryan King, paid a surprise visit to the circus tent on Saturday afternoon, and presented Mr Wirth with a pocket wallet of their own make. 

The Rev. Mr King made the presentation, on behalf of the men, and emphasised the gratitude they felt, and the enjoyment they had experienced.  Mr Wirth, who evidently places a high value on the modest gift, and on the motives that prompted the giving, acknowledged the wallet — quite a work of art — in feeling terms.

Sugar restrictions planned

WELLINGTON: The Prime Minister stated that Cabinet had decided that restrictions would be imposed upon such industries as brewing and sugar boiling during the fruit season, so as to leave as much sugar as possible for jam-making and fruit preserving. 

Elaborate explanations have been given of the reasons why sugar is hard to obtain in sufficient quantities and interesting comparisons have been made between the price of sugar in New Zealand and elsewhere — to the advantage of New Zealand. 

Still, the whole point is that there is a sugar refinery in New Zealand, working, it is understood, to its full capacity, but not able to satisfy the clamour for sugar (says the Christchurch Sun).  Statistical information is valuable so far as it goes, but it will
not supply the preserving pan with sugar.

More women smoking and drinking

‘‘Smoking and drinking are greatly on the increase among girls and women,’’ said a lady delegate to the Educational Institute conference in Wellington. 

‘‘I believe that is partly due to the fact that many girls in the upper classes of our primary schools are not influenced by a womanly woman,’’ she concluded. 

The statement brought to his feet a male delegate, who said he did not think the charge should go forth that the working-class girls, the girls trained in the primary schools, were doing the smoking.  It was the girls whose parents were very wealthy and were able to send them to colleges taught by women.  

— ODT, 12.1.1920



If that Demerara gets any Damn Rarer..

Those girls are 'smoking'. Many will be Georgian fashion models.