Hospital congestion

The committee of the Berwick Caledonian Society. Back row (from left): D. McPherson, C. Campbell,...
The committee of the Berwick Caledonian Society. Back row (from left): D. McPherson, C. Campbell, J. Hall, J. Shennan, J. Sinclair, J. Heenan, R. Wilson. Second row: T.D.Heenan, T. Munro, W. Rennick, J. Withers, J. Matheson, G. Lyall, W. McKay, R. Lyall, J. Taylor, W. Grant. Front row: I. Keith, H. George, E. McLellan, C. Robinson, W. Munro, D. Campbell, W. Dowdall. — Otago Witness, 19.2.1919.
It can excite no surprise in the mind of the public to learn that there is a serious lack of accommodation in the Dunedin Hospital for military cases.

Members of the Expeditionary Force are being brought back to the dominion in large numbers and each returning draft just now consists for the most part of men who were under hospital treatment when they left Great Britain and who still require hospital treatment.

Three or four transports with drafts of cases of this description arrived last week and it is probable that several others are now on their way. An effect of this, that was only to be expected, is apparent in the congestion which is now reported in the Dunedin Hospital. General hospitals, built to meet the normal requirements of a community, cannot possibly cope efficiently with the demand that is created by the need for the treatment of hundreds of military cases, of which a not inconsiderable proportion require the close attention that can be given only to patients resident in the institutions.

The provision of special military wards serves but inadequately to meet the situation. The proof of this is afforded in the fact that it has become necessary in the Dunedin Hospital to discharge from the institution for treatment as out-patients a number of cases that should in reality be retained in the wards. The less serious cases have simply to make way for the more serious.

Colourful garden fete

The Botanic Gardens, clad in the glory of late summer, were at their best on Saturday afternoon and evening, when a garden fete was held in aid of the Children's Convalescent Hospital and Playfield at Forbury Corner.

Early in the afternoon the presence of fife and drum bands, which marched the streets in gay uniforms making brave music, drew the Saturday holiday-makers towards the Gardens, and shortly after 2 o'clock, when the fete was opened, the grounds were thronged with happy crowds.

Tasteful decoration and large quantities of bunting enhanced the floral beauty of the Gardens, and innumerable attractions were provided to amuse the visitors, and to draw from their pockets sixpences and shillings in aid of the good cause. Marquees dotted the grounds, and energetic lady helpers presiding therein proved so skilful in the art of selling their wares that one needed a hard heart and a tight pocket to avoid purchasing to the utmost extent of one's financial ability. On every hand were ladies raffling various attractive objects, so that the visitor who kept out of the marquees found plenty of temptation to spend, merely in walking about the grounds.

Hunting and fishing successes

Mr John Geggie, fishing on Aitkenhead's bank, on the Molyneux on Monday, in a howling gale, landed four fish aggregating 25lb (says the Clutha Leader). Three of the trout were over 7lb in weight, and were lovely specimens.

Mr M. Fitzgerald and party went out pig-hunting the other day in the direction of Sunnyside (says the Tuatapere Guardian), and in a clump of brackens they rounded up and secured, with the assistance of their dogs, no fewer than 20 young porkers. - ODT, 24.2.1919.

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