Liquor trade complimented

The headquarters in Dunedin of the St John Ambulance Association, with the new ambulance...
The headquarters in Dunedin of the St John Ambulance Association, with the new ambulance presented by a group of anonymous citizens, the Edith Cavell motor ambulance and two horse-drawn ambulances, which have done good work for many years. - Otago Witness, 6.8.1919
Great pleasure at the manner in which the recent peace celebrations were carried out in Dunedin was expressed by a number of members of Presbytery at the monthly meeting yesterday, and the Licensed Victuallers' Association in particular came in for many words of commendation.

The matter was raised by the Rev. J. Kilpatrick, who said that the celebrations had been characterised by a degree of sobriety and steadiness that Dunedin had not known before. He was not in the habit of complimenting the liquor trade - he was always prepared to close it down - but when voluntarily the licensed victuallers acted as they did, he thought it was quite becoming that they, as a Presbytery, should take notice of that. Voluntarily they closed the hotels - (Members: At the request of the Mayor.) The request of the Mayor was not mandatory in any sense. They should congratulate the Mayor first of all on the orderliness of the city during the celebrations, and also express appreciation of the action of licensed victuallers in closing the hotels on the Saturday. The Rev. G. H. Balfour said they should also congratulate the committee that made the arrangements for the peace celebrations on the way in which the programme had been carried out.

Race riots in Chicago

New York: The Chicago race riots continued to the fourth day, but the authorities gained control when the military were called out. An area of eight square miles, occupied chiefly by negro families, was cut off from the rest of the city by white rioters, and no food or any other supplies were allowed to reach the negro section. It was feared that the children might die of starvation unless food reached them, and the authorities organised relief. Many negro dwellings were burnt by the rioters, and some negroes were shot and their bodies burnt in the streets. With more than 3000 troops, which are now patrolling Chicago, and a like number held in reserve, order is being gradually restored. Nevertheless, the disorders, which resulted in 32 deaths and 500 wounded, still smoulder.

NZ rabbits for USA

When Mr R. S. Black was recently on a visit to the United States he inspected a "rabbitry'' in the town of Omaha where a breeder specialised in variety of breeds, and among the types exhibited were several hutches which were labelled "New Zealand bred.'' A glance at once convinced Mr Black that the samples on exhibition were far from being identical with the New Zealand species, and he straightaway promised to have samples despatched from this country when he returned. As a result four pairs of New Zealand rabbits, true to type, were sent by the mail steamer Moana, and duly arrived at their port of destination.

Greenfield bridge requested

Mr James Hyslop (secretary, Greenfield Farmers' Union) wrote asking the Bruce County Council to erect a traffic bridge over the Clutha River at Greenfield, the work to be done at the expense of the Government. - Cr Hyslop moved - "That this council support the effort of the Greenfield Farmers' Union to get the Government to defray the cost of erecting a bridge at the site of the Clydevale punt; also, that a bridge be erected at the cost of the Government over the river at the South Molyneux punt.'' - Seconded by Cr Boyd, and carried.

- ODT, 6.8.1919.

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