Milton robbery

The soldiers' jaw hospital on the road to the Northern Cemetery is in this leased building,...
The soldiers' jaw hospital on the road to the Northern Cemetery is in this leased building, fitted out by the Red Cross Society. - Otago Witness, 7.5.1919
A daring robbery took place at Milton on Wednesday night. From what can be gathered the postmaster at Milton (Mr P. McGuire), a very old servant of the department, retired to bed at about 11 o'clock, leaving his office keys in the hip pocket of his trousers, which were hung in the wardrobe.

Some time on Thursday morning Mr McGuire heard a noise in his bedroom but after listening for some time and hearing nothing more he concluded that the sound was caused by the springs of the bed in the adjoining room, occupied by his little daughter.

At 7 o'clock a boy from the office informed Mr McGuire that the office safe door was standing open. An investigation was at once made and the police were advised.

It was found that the safe had been opened with a key and that all the notes in the safe had been taken, amounting to over 500. Detective-sergeant Kemp and Detective Hammerly went to Milton yesterday and spent the day making inquiries.

Advocating for women

NAPIER: At the W.C.T.U. Convention the following resolutions were passed: ''That it was now being recognised that the State should provide for the maintenance of children who are deprived of their fathers.''

''That this convention, while resolutely standing for individual purity of life and the absolute sacredness of the marriage tie, would ask that the claims of the children of the unmarried mother may be recognised. This is asked (1) in the interests of the children who, coming into the world with a stigma attached to their birth, have a claim on the State so that they may be enabled to become useful citizens, and (2) in the interests of the mother that in the struggle to regain her self-respect she may not be handicapped by the difficulty of providing for herself and her child.''

''That the Women's Christian Temperance Unions of the dominion press resolutely for the appointment of women police by sending resolutions to the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Police Department, also by deputations as their legal and parliamentary superintendent may advise, and, further, that every union be instructed to ask all parliamentary candidates for their electorate at the coming election whether they support this demand.''

Stewart Island deerstalking

It is now some years since deer were first liberated on Stewart Island, and many followers of the stalking sport have waited anxiously for this season, when the Southland Society decided to issue licenses. Messrs Tanner and Ufield, who have been deerstalking in the North Island for the past 20 years, have just arrived in Invercargill after a visit to the island.

They bring excellent reports regarding the herd. These stalkers think that the island is the finest deer park they have ever seen, and full of magnificent specimens. All the deer, they state, are well grown and good conditioned. The heads they also thought were magnificent.

Good bags at Kaitangata

Early dawn on Thursday found the Kaitangata Lakes a favoured locality by sportsmen who were out after ducks, and a good number of good bags were secured.

Ducks are very numerous this year. Last Sunday the bank of guns could be heard from morning till night, and this had the effect of making the game alert to any but cautious and experienced sportsmen.

- ODT, 2.5.1919


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