More flu deaths in Australia

The Kiwi Rifle Club's No 1 team, winners of the championship teams match and runners-up in the...
The Kiwi Rifle Club's No 1 team, winners of the championship teams match and runners-up in the Ladies' Challenge at the Otago Rifle Association's annual firing meeting. From left: R. Gillick, W. Fletcher, R. Johnstone, W. Crimp, D. Parsons. - Otago Witness, 30.4.1919
Reports concerning the epidemic of influenza in Australia do not grow more favourable; for the number of cases recorded and the mortality last week are said to have been the worst in New South Wales since the outbreak of influenza in virulent form was recorded.

The results attending the visitation indicate that in Australia, as in other parts of the world, it is running its alarming course despite all the efforts, remedies, and precautions which medical science can suggest to counteract the spread of infection and render the community immune from the gravest risk.

It is apparent that the medical authorities in the commonwealth are finding the disease most baffling in character and proportionately difficult to cope with. Their experience in this relation is, however, merely that of medical authorities in all parts of the world.

For all the feverish medical energy that has been expended upon the discovery of the causes and cure of this insidious malady, and for all the wisdom revealed in searching scientific utterances upon the subject, we are forced to conclude that, in the practical test introduced by influenza, medical knowledge still stands largely confounded.

Explosive milk

Strange things find their way into farmers' milk cans occasionally, but who would expect to see a stick of blasting gelignite in a milk pail, the Dairyman says.

This recently happened at the Raetihi Dairy Company's works. As gelignite ''goes off'' with concussion, it is a case of what might have been.

Dog tax cap proposed

Lovers of dogs won a small victory at the meeting of the City Council last night. The General Committee recommended that a remit should be forwarded to the Municipal Conference suggesting that the Dog Registration Act should be amended, so as to provide for an increase in the maximum dog tax to 1.

The committee made the proposal in the hope that a heavier tax would act as a deterrent to the keeping of dogs within the city limits. Cr Gilkison strongly opposed this increase of the tax, and moved that the recommendation should be referred back to the committee.

A short discussion ensued, the opinion being expressed by certain councillors that the existence of large numbers of ''curs'' about the city streets constituted a positive nuisance. Finally, on a show of hands, Cr Gilkison's motion was carried, and the recommendation was referred back to the committee.

Anzac Day holiday

The following appeal has been issued by the Acting Prime Minister: The Government has decided that April 25, Anzac Day, should be observed by the Government departments as a close holiday.

In order that the general public may suitably recognise this memorable occasion I should be glad if mayors and heads of other local authorities concerned would arrange for the day to be observed as a holiday.

At a meeting of the retail section of the Otago Employers' Association yesterday afternoon, it was decided, in view of the Government's request, to observe a half-holiday from 1 o'clock on Anzac Day (April 25). The shops will remain open till 9 o'clock tonight.

- ODT, 24.4.1919


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