More power to North Otago

The new Oamaru hydro electric power generator, purpose-built by the Oamaru Borough Council in...
The new Oamaru hydro electric power generator, purpose-built by the Oamaru Borough Council in Chelmer St. — Otago Witness, 16.8.1921
A meeting of members of the Oamaru Borough Council, the North Otago Hydroelectric Committee, and representatives of local bodies was held in the Council Chambers, Oamaru, yesterday afternoon, Mr J. McDiarmid, Mayor of Oamaru, presiding. In opening the meeting the chairman welcomed Mr J.B. Shaddock, chairman of the Electric Power and Lighting Committee of the Dunedin City Council and Mr W.B. Steel, secretary of the Otago Expansion League, who had come up at their invitation to discuss the situation in connection with the supply of electric power. At the request of the chairman Mr Shaddock outlined the history of the movement since the turning down of the Hawea project, and gave a sketch of the possibilities of Waipori when extended to its fullest capacity. The amount of power which would then be available would supply a population of 200,000, and would therefore be sufficient to meet the requirements of the coastal regions of Otago more rapidly and economically than any other source. As North Otago had decided to form a local Power Board their work could go on simultaneously with the other districts.

A number of questions were asked by members of the committee and answered by the visitors, and on the
motion of Mr Milligan, seconded by Cr Forrester, the following resolution was carried unanimously: "That this
meeting of North Otago delegates urges upon the Government the necessity for the early construction of
the main transmission line, between Lake Coleridge and Waipori to enable a supply of electric power to be

available for North Otago at the earliest possible date." A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the visitors.

Chas Begg’s diamond jubilee

To celebrate the diamond jubilee of Chas. Begg and Co, members of the firm and staff and friends gathered in the social hall of the pianoforte factory on Monday evening. Included amongst the friends present were the Mayor (Mr James Douglas) and Mr E. Kellett, member of Parliament for Dunedin North. In proposing a toast to the firm, the chairman (Mr T. Ritchie,  manager) spoke of the high example which the founder of the firm, the late Mr Chas. Begg had been, and how, by industry and a high regard for the principles of honesty and uprightness, he had laid the foundations in the early days of a business which had grown to one of very great dimensions. The high ideals set by the founder had been faithfully carried on by those various members of the family, who during the past 60 years had been actively interested in the business. Not only did the name of Begg stand high in New Zealand, but Mr Ritchie also stated that during his recent visits in America, Canada and the Old Country he found that Begg’s name was respected and esteemed in these distant lands. The managing director (Mr Alexander Begg) said he appreciated highly the example which had been set before him by his late father. The ideals which were his father's were the ideals which he endeavoured as far as possible to carry out in the management of the business. He thanked the staff in Dunedin, and at the various branches throughout New Zealand and at the London office for their loyal and unswerving support.

— ODT, 12.10.1921.


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