Motorcycle trial

Jacks Island and Bay in the Catlins district, a bathing resort at holiday time. — Otago Witness,...
Jacks Island and Bay in the Catlins district, a bathing resort at holiday time. — Otago Witness, 26.10.1920.
The Otago Motor Club conducted a most successful motorcycle reliability trial during the Labour Day weekend. The route was up to Clyde via Palmerston and St Bathans, and return via Roxburgh and Milton.

Three days were taken over the trip, the up journey being completed on Saturday and home again on Monday. Checks were located at various places en route and competitors had to be at these places to the exact minute, and it says much for the reliability of the modern motorcycle that most competitors checked in to the nearest second, some to the correct time. The road as far as Palmerston, the Main North road, was perhaps the roughest experienced, but from there on to Dunback was ideal.

The Pigroot was a bit rough in patches and the Swinburn crossing caused competitors a little trouble. There was a 40 minute stop at Wedderburn, and from there to Clyde the road was good, although occasional stretches of loose gravel had to be carefully negotiated. On the return journey the road from Clyde to Roxburgh was fairly rough in places, but luckily there was no rain, and the clay surface was safe. Roxburgh to Beaumont was very good, but the road through the Manuka Gorge to Milton was rough and pot-holey.

Singer impresses

Miss Natalina McCallum, the Dunedin vocalist, who commenced studies at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music in May last, has already created a favourable impression in Sydney. She sang at a concert given by the Royal Apollo Club, under the direction of Mr Alfred Hill. One of the newspaper critics, in referring to her as a “New Zealand light soprano”, said that Miss McCallum had a voice of exceptionally sweet quality with a fine range, and added that her singing gave evidence of a rare gift of temperament. Another paper pronounced her “an accomplished artist”.

Women’s facility mooted

The South Otago Progress League has started a movement to raise £2000 for the establishment of a women’s rest house in Balclutha. It is intended to purchase a section and build a suitable place for women and children to visit, instead of having to wander about the streets. The rest house is for country women when visiting the town. All modern accessories will be provided, and an attendant engaged. The farming community was appealed to by Messrs H. Simson and R.R. Grigor for funds last Friday, and collectors have been appointed throughout the district.

Postcards celebrated

This is the jubilee year of the postcard. In October 1870 the British Post Office introduced them. The real inventor was Dr Hermann of Vienna, who, 20 months before on January 26 1869 had gone to the Austrian postal authorities with an idea and sample of an “open card for correspondence”. The Austrian Postmaster-general was delighted with the idea, and at once ordered a million to be printed. The picture postcard is still young. It was first officially recognised in 1894. — ODT, 27.10.1920.

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