Mount Pisa run offer

The German captain of the raider See Adler, Count von Luckner (in uniform), Dr Schultz, the ex...
The German captain of the raider See Adler, Count von Luckner (in uniform), Dr Schultz, the ex Governor of Samoa, and other prisoners of war about to embark on their voyage of repatriation to Germany. - Otago Witness, 28.5.1919
The Mount Pisa run has been offered to the Government by Mrs J. Cowie Nichols for settlement by returned soldiers, but the Government has decided to do nothing in the matter until the expiry of the present lease, in 1921.

The run is situated between the Clutha, the Molyneux, and the Cardrona Rivers, and consists of high mountainous sheep country. The carrying capacity of the run used to be about 30,000 sheep. There are 865 acres of freehold, more or less, on which are erected the bulk of the station buildings, consisting of a large house, a woolshed for 20 shearers, and necessary outbuildings, etc. The leasehold amounts to 147,000 acres, more or less, with all implements thereon, consisting of over 100 miles of fencing (part of which is wire netted), huts, etc. There are about 22,000 merino and halfbred sheep and lambs, about 47 cattle, and 20 horses, about 200 tons of hay and oaten sheaves, rolling stock, and plant, and a license for 35 heads of water from the Lockar, Station, and Wash Creeks. The terms of the offer were that Mrs Nichols was prepared to dispose of the whole station, lock, stock, and barrel, to the Government, by arbitrated valuation, provided the arbitrators were given the right to call in outside expert evidence to assist them in arriving at a fair decision regarding the valuation.

Booming rabbit industry

Alexandra: The local rabbit industry is booming. Both factories are working at high pressure, giving employment to many returned soldiers. Carcases are coming all the way from Southland. Six thousand rabbits arrived by train on Saturday evening. Together the two factories are now handling fully 70,000 rabbits a week. At present prices this number represents in value close on £1500 a week.

Sport revived

With the war a thing of the past, sport is being revived in the district. A senior football club has been started, and a meeting of the centre is arranging to restart the fixtures. A proposal to form a trotting club is being taken up enthusiastically, and an application to hold a race meeting has been sent forward. Local soldiers are returning fast. At a recent welcome-home social two of the families represented had the proud distinction of having had several members fighting for their country. One family had four sons enlisted, and the other family was represented by five sons. One or more members of each family had received military decorations, one (Sergeant Weavers) being the possessor of the Meritorious Service Medal and the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Voracious shag

A shag shot on one of the Waitaki Islands recently was found to contain 11 young trout. Perhaps this is where the missing millions of salmon fry have gone (says the Oamaru Mail). It certainly seems to account partially for the poor trout fishing last year, as the river is dotted here and there all up its course by clumps of shags. - ODT, 21.5.1919


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