New water supply for Balclutha

The main street of Balclutha, looking south. — Otago Witness, 20.7.1920.
The main street of Balclutha, looking south. — Otago Witness, 20.7.1920.
Thanks to the progressiveness of the present Mayor of Balclutha, Mr H. Simson, the town can now boast of a water supply, which for quality and purity and quantity promises to be all that could be desired.

For something like eight years the residents of the South Otago town have had to put up with a water service which was not merely impure, but produced a highly disagreeable odour, resulting from the animal and vegetable matter which it contained. The new supply has been treated to thoroughly exhaustive analysis, and the reports have in every case been excellent. The water is pumped from a bore by an air compressor in a large reservoir and from there to a tank on the hill overlooking the town. The new system was placed in full operation on Saturday, and householders have since been delighted at the prospect of a good supply of clear, fresh water. It is hoped that the supply, which is able to fulfill the requirements of a much larger population than that of Balclutha, will eventually be pumped to a larger reservoir on the hill overlooking Balclutha and Stirling. It is also intended to utilise the water for tepid swimming baths for the town.

Censorship of picture posters

Mr Isitt mentioned in the House yesterday a matter of picture posters displayed in Christchurch, to which objection was taken by many people. He asked if anything was being done in regard to a censorship of kinema posters. The Hon. G.J.G. Anderson said this was a question that had been before his department, and action was being taken. It was intended to censor posters and advertisements before they were issued, and it was proposed to ask the House to place the onus of taking action on the local authorities.  The Government wished it known that it would not tolerate anything that was objectionable.

Intelligent porker

It is said that a resident at Opotiki owns a pig that acts capably and with the utmost steadiness in the capacity of the sheepdog (states the Feilding Star). This animal has been brought up with other animals on the farm, and early gave signs of advanced thoughts on the difficulties that beset its tender youth. All residents round the Opotiki district are in no way astonished now to see this clever hog trotting gaily out to bring in the cattle from distant parts of the farm. It will also round up sheep and horses with ability and assurance. — ODT, 21.7.1920.


Isitt You.,

I wish to complain about advertisements for women's corsets and bodices.

It's disgraceful. If I walk uptown, I see the corsets.
I then cross the road to walk downtown, and see the bodices.