New Zealander soldiers in Scotland

A group of Central Otago curlers on the Oturehua pond. - Otago Witness, 21.10.1919.
A group of Central Otago curlers on the Oturehua pond. - Otago Witness, 21.10.1919.
In reply to a letter, which was published in the Glasgow Herald thanking the people of Scotland for their generosity in entertaining New Zealand soldiers visiting that country, the presidents of the Caledonian and Gaelic Societies, Burns Club, Highland Pipe Band, and Piping and Dancing Association have received a communication from Mr John Cunningham, of Glasgow, in the course of which the writer says: 

''I had the joy and pleasure of meeting, for the first time, your relations and many of their chums from practically all parts of your beautiful islands, and a finer, more clean-living, and gentlemanly set of lads do not exist anywhere. Believe me, the pleasure which they say they enjoyed when here was not all theirs, those who had the privilege of extending hospitality to them equally enjoyed their company and fellowship. They were unassuming, yet so frank, open and homely in their style and manners that we could not have done otherwise than extend to them unreservedly the home comforts we ourselves enjoyed. I have seen thousands of New Zealanders in this city, in Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, as well as in many smaller towns and villages, and never once did I see one behave himself otherwise than as a gentleman, or perform an act which would have given offence to anyone.

Sturmers' keeping qualities

A very fine sample of apples grown at Mr J. Swann's Stratford Orchard, Lowburn Ferry, last season, was seen by a Daily Times representative yesterday.

They were the Sturmer variety, and had been stored by Mr Swann on his place. The condition of the fruit was excellent, both with regard to colour and firmness.

A peculiar fact about this orchard, which is situated close to the Mount Pisa run, is that there is no water supply on the place, other than that used for household purposes.

Mr Swann has met with a considerable amount of success as an exhibitor at the various apples shows held in the dominion, and his successes include a championship for apples which he gained in Wellington some time ago.

Neighbourly intervention

Recently a young dairy farmer near Opunake (states the Strafford Evening Post) decided to marry. On the wedding day he milked the cows as usual, motored a distance of 36 miles and said ''I will'', and returned home by motor with his bride in time for the evening's milking.

Obliging neighbours, however, packed him off on a honeymoon.

Rural boarding allowance

Wellington: At the conference of the Council of Agriculture the importance of efficient rural education was stressed. The following remit was carried unanimously: ''That the Department of Education be asked to recommend that a boarding allowance be granted to country students attending high school and technical schools, so that country children may benefit equally with town children.''

More than one delegate pointed out that on account of the lack of hostel accommodation and the inability of many farmers to pay board for their children, many country children were not able to take full advantage of secondary education.

- ODT, 16.10.1919.


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