Otago wins southern derby

The Otago association football team which defeated Southland. — Otago Witness, 14.6.1921.
The Otago association football team which defeated Southland. — Otago Witness, 14.6.1921.
It is some years now since a representative Southland team came up to challenge Otago at Association football, and the fixture drew a good crowd of followers at the game to Culling Park yesterday afternoon. Otago was not represented by its fullest strength, but it was anticipated that the team selected would have a fair margin of superiority over the visitors. The game, however, proved to be a very evenly contested one, and with a little luck in its closing minutes the visitors might easily have made a draw. Munsey, Otago’s centre forward,did a lot of useful work, and scored three of the goals. Dickel and Dryden were perhaps the most frequently conspicuous among the backs. In E. Cook (centre forward and captain) and P. Cook (left fullback) the visiting team included two very smart and clever players, whose work was frequently a treat to watch. Hobbs, too, played a very dashing and accurate game till he received an injury that hampered him considerably during the second spell. The game, which was controlled by Mr Smith, ended: Otago 4 goals, Southland 3 goals.

Car upended in drainage trench

The two occupants of the motor car registered “D 422” had a miraculous escape from a serious, if not fatal, accident on Saturday night. The car was being driven into town along the road from Tomahawk past Tahuna Park. At the northern corner of Tahuna Park is one of the two rising mains from the Drainage Board, and as this main is not yet completed, the excavation work is very deep and runs right up to the road. To guard against the possibility of an accident a strong piece of bluegum boarding had been placed across the end of the excavation, and a lantern was hung at each end of the board. The motor car driver, however, evidently thought that he had to drive between the two lights, although the road is clearly defined. The big cement mixing board at the back of the cross board would shine white in the lantern light, and might possibly have been mistaken for the road. The car pitched forward on its “head”, so to speak, and is now standing end on, with the rear wheels on a level with the top of the side banks. It is understood that the driver escaped with only a cut, and that his companion, a woman, was not hurt at all. A large number of people visited the spot yesterday, and everyone agreed that the car  had got into a unique position. It is, however, not very badly damaged.

Rabbit boards being formed

The formation of rabbit boards is at present receiving a lot of attention in Central Otago. At Roxburgh steps are in train for the formation of two boards — one for each side of the river — and at Omakau the other night (states the Alexandra Herald) it was resolved to circulate petitions for the formation of three boards.

Interesting literary meeting

The literary evening held on Saturday by the St Andrew’s Literary and Debating Club proved a most interesting and useful meeting. Each member brought along a favourite
literary passage and commented upon it and upon the author’s style. The extracts chosen were from such varied sources as Shakespeare, Ruskin, Dickens, John Masefield, Longfellow, Isaac Watts, and O. Henry, and they gave rise to much appreciative comment and interchange of opinion.

— ODT, 6.6.1921.

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