Outgoing principal appreciated

Kaitangata School and its pupils. — Otago Witness, 1.8.1922
Kaitangata School and its pupils. — Otago Witness, 1.8.1922

Mr Alfred Mathews, head master of the Kaitangata School, is retiring. "He is one of our own products," said Mr J. Wallace, chairman of the Education Board, yesterday, "and he must be among the first of the native-born men to reach the retiring age." 

In moving that a letter appreciative of his long and able service be sent to Mr Mathews, Mr Wallace said that the retiring headmaster had always done good work.


Port Chalmers repairs on board

Port Chalmers has made a world-wide name for Otago Harbour in ship repairing. Some of the biggest ship-repairing jobs in Australasia have been carried out at Port Chalmers.

One of the significant aspects of it is that no permanent repairing work done at Port Chalmers has had to be done over again when repaired overseasteamers  returned to the big shipping seaports of Europe.

A reputation of this kind is worthwhile, and this is the reputation that Port Chalmers has made for Otago Harbour throughout the shipping world.


Derailing transport

It is somewhat difficult to understand the attitude of certain country members of Parliament towards the question of motor traffic and improved main roads. 

Motor traction is only in its infancy, but it has already proved a boon to many country settlers and it has some obvious advantages over the railway. If the future shows that motor traction is cheaper, more expeditious and more convenient than the railway for the transport of certain goods it would be pure conservatism and rank folly to cling to the more expensive method.

If motor traction fails to satisfy the business tests it cannot exist in competition, but if it succeeds it at least deserves fair play. — editorial


Women plea for evening jobs

Under the new Shops and Offices Act 1920, females employed in restaurants are forbidden to work after 10.30pm.

This has led to the threatened dismissal of a number of women working in Wellington restaurants. 

In the House yesterday (wires our Wellington correspondent), Mr G. Mitchell (Wellington South) presented a on behalf of 33 of these women asking that the Act be amended to enable them to work until 11pm.

It is pointed out that such large restaurants did a big business between the hours of 10pm and 11pm, when the theatres and picture houses closed, and as a result of  the Act the management had notified the petitioners that their services must be dispensed with. 

The petitioners point out that this would impose a hardship upon them, as many had dependents to support.

White Island target practice

The four 4.5-inch and four 6-inch howitzers for the Central Battery have recently arrived from the Old Country and are now in position. A quantity of howitzer  ammunition is at present being transferred from the fort at the Heads, where it is stored in preparation tor some shooting practice.

It is proposed to have a practice shoot in the direction of White Island on August 4.

ODT, 21.7.1922