Phosphate trade records

The beach at Ocean Island (now known as Banaba, in Kiribati), from which phosphate was exported to New Zealand and other countries. Otago Witness, 18.7.1922  

The steamer Century, which has been engaged in the Ocean Island and Nauru Island trade for many years carrying phosphates from those two valuable islands to  Victoria and South Australian ports, has finished her charters, and was handed back to her owners at Newcastle recently, when she returned to her home port, Melbourne, with a cargo of coal. It is reported that the Wonganella, Century and Promise hold the record for the greatest number of voyages between Ocean Island,  Nauru, and Australian ports, of all the vessels that have been employed in the phosphate trade. The Wonganella comes first with 40 voyages, then the Century with 36 voyages, and the Promise with 30-odd voyages.


Future emporer’s frugal wedding

The royal edict announcing the forthcoming wedding of Prince Hirohito and Princess Nagake Kuni declares that extreme simplicity will characterise the ceremony.  The total expenditure of the royal household on the occasion will be 5 million yen, of which from 2 to 3 million will be expended for the preparations, including gifts,  and the remainder for the ceremonies, special buildings, carriages, and banquets.

The wedding will take place early in the autumn. The edict declares that considering the importance of the occasion greater expenditure might reasonably have been expected, but Prince Hirohito desires to limit the outlay as low as possible and set the nation an example of thrift and economy. The Princess’s ceremonial dress is  being made at Kyoto. It will cost 20,000 yen. It is expected that every municipality in the empire will spend lavishly on the celebration.


Labour targets 5 Dunedin seats

The Labour Representation Committee is at present considering the selection candidates for the general election. It has been definitely decided to contest the four city seats and Chalmers in the Labour interests. Nominations will finally close in about two weeks and a selection ballot will be taken to determine the official Labour candidates.

A branch of the New Zealand Labour Party for the Dunedin Central electorate was formed at the Trades Hall on Monday evening.


A good hand at cards

During a private card party at South Dunedin one last week, one of a quartette playing cribbage had the unusual luck of holding the highest hand possible at the  game — 29 — namely three 5s and a knave, with the fourth 5 in the pack turning up when the cut was made, this corresponding with the knave in his hand. Such a hand is probably not held once in 50 years.

A hand of 24 at cribbage is not uncommon, and 28 is recorded at rare intervals, but the possible 29 is more than a thousand-to-one chance.


Bad image for goods

A suggestion that the use of the word "Poverty Bay" in connection with the branding of produce sent from that district might be detrimental to the sale thereof is made in a letter received from a London firm.

The writer urges the advisability of discontinuing the use of "Poverty Bay" in connection with produce sent from that district to the Home market, "as the word poverty conveys a meaning of something poor and unattractive."

—  ODT, 19.7.1922