Standard Time Bill stalled

Scene of play in a representative rugby match in which Otago defeated Wanganui 34-9. — Otago...
Scene of play in a representative rugby match in which Otago defeated Wanganui 34-9. — Otago Witness, 14.9.1920.
The New Zealand Standard Time Bill introduced by the Hon G.J. Anderson, Minister of Internal Affairs, has been on the Order Paper since the early days of the session.

It has not yet come up for second reading and members are anticipating that will not make any further progress. The Bill proposes to advance the clock permanently in New Zealand by half an hour by fixing standard time at 12 hours ahead of Greenwich time instead of 11 1/2 hours as at present. Country members do not like the Bill any better than they like Mr Sidey’s Definition of Time Bill in other sessions (says the Dominion), and the Bill would occupy a lot of time if it came before the House.The Government may not be willing to find the time now that the busy end of the session has been reached. The chief argument in favour of the Bill is that it would effect a heavy saving in coal and power.

Magistrate fines fare-dodger

A plea that he had been looking out of a tramcar window and did not see the conductor or hear a demand made for fares was advanced by a man who was charged with having failed to pay his fare. He was innocent of any intention to evade payment. The Magistrate said it was the duty of passengers to keep a lookout for the conductor when payment of their fares was due. There was a great deal of evading payments of fares on the tram cars and something must be done to stop it.

Anti-Jewish action in Hungary

Budapest: The Hungarian National Assembly has passed drastic anti-Jewish legislation providing that only a limited number of Jews may be admitted to the universities and referring to the Jews as being a separate nationality. In the course of the debate the Minister of Education declared that the Government intended to drive the Jews into the Zionist camp. Reuter’s correspondent says that the Bill appears to be a distinct breach of the Hungarian Peace Treaty, but it is apparently only a prelude to a more sweeping anti-Jewish policy.

Welcome home for soldiers

The Strath-Taieri Soldiers Farewell Committee held its final function last Friday night, when, inverting the order of its former operations, it tendered a welcome home and reunion social, concert and ball to the returned soldiers of the district. The Chairman, Mr T.W. Wise, briefly outlined the object of the function and expressed pleasure at seeing so large a gathering of people. A splendid concert programme was then rendered by local talent and visitors. In a brief address the Rev H. Blomfield congratulated the soldiers on the way they were tackling the problems of their new circumstances, and reminded them that in war their strength lay in the bond of unity, and now, reunited in peace, their success would be greatly fostered by the maintaining of the bonds of friendship and brotherhood.

— ODT, 29.9.1920

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