Starvation in Russia

Kawarau Falls, the only outlet of Lake Wakatipu. — Otago Witness, 1.1.1919.
Kawarau Falls, the only outlet of Lake Wakatipu. — Otago Witness, 1.1.1919.
Accounts from Russia show that the great mass of the population is starving upon one ounce to four ounces of black bread and a little fish daily. 

The Bolshevist army, which now numbers half a million, is well fed, and the men are receiving £60 monthly.  The situation in the provinces is worse than in Petrograd.  At Moscow the local Soviets are called a ‘‘Committee of the Poor’’.  They consist of illiterate ruffians, often the possessors of a criminal past.  They are supported by bands of brigands, who pillage the people.  These committees sometimes so angered the peasantry that the latter buried them alive.  The Bolshevists then wiped out the peasantry, being afraid to requisition food from the peasants for fear the latter would hide the corn. The revolt of the peasantry continues though it is ruthlessly repressed. 

Locked in freezer

The unique but trying experience of being locked in a freezing chamber all night fell to the lot of Mr Andrew Blake, a freezing chamber hand employed in the Gisborne Freezing Works (states the Gisborne Times).  The men were engaged a few days ago in loading operations in connection with the Port Sydney, and about 6.30 p.m. the chamber door was closed, Mr Blake by some oversight, being locked in the freezing chamber.  Nothing whatever was known of the matter until about 3.30 a.m., when the chamber was again opened to continue work, and the unfortunate man was found in a state of collapse.  By the use of hot water bottles and stimulants his condition was reported to be greatly improved. The unfortunate man hammered the door in the hopes of someone hearing the noise, and also to try to keep himself warm.  When rescued his condition was extremely low.

Narrow escape

During the recent epidemic a Wellington resident had a narrow escape from being buried alive.  It appears  the son of a well-known Government official was pronounced dead.  The father, who had been assisting in connection with the epidemic, together with the undertaker, was standing alongside the coffin,  when the father heard a sound coming from the inside of the casket.  Investigation was made, and it was discovered that the ‘‘corpse’’ was very much alive.  The son is now fully recovered.

Workers gathering

The forthcoming harvest in the Ashburton County appears to be attracting the attention of a large number of men from the various parts of the dominion (states the Guardian).

ODT 7.1.1919.  




Premature Burial Avoided By Speaking Up.

Sack the certifying doctor. This is the Influenza, not catalepsy.
About the crypt: lay in food, drink, books by Trollope, comfy chair, palliasse and a bellringer cord.