Town team’s form outshines

Cherry (Northern) gains possession from Kaitangata in the teams’ association football match at...
Cherry (Northern) gains possession from Kaitangata in the teams’ association football match at the Gardens ground in Dunedin. — Otago Witness, 27.5.1924
Northern's defeat of Kaitangata on Saturday by three goals to one was a source of gratification to the supporters of the Black-and-Whites. From the moment they mustered a full team on the field, Northern invested their play with confidence, and except for a short spell during the second half gave the impression of being the winning team. Kaitangata did not appear to be on their game, the main fault being an entire lack of combination amongst the team, whilst poor placing on the part of some of the forwards nullified their chances. — by ‘Corner Kick’

Draining St Kilda

The Dunedin Drainage and Sewerage Board works committee, in its report recommended that authority be granted to substitute in the allocations for the present year the item "St Kilda mud tanks, £2105," for the items "Renewal of stormwater drains, St Kilda and Musselburgh, £2500." The alteration was proposed at the request of the borough representatives so as to enable the St Kilda council to get the full benefit of the concrete channelling which has been constructed during the past few years. The estimate of £2105 provides for 68 mud tanks, with necessary connections to the stormwater drains.

The cancer problem

It behoves every community to face the cancer problem in intelligent relationship to the conditions in which it presents itself, and to make the very best of the means that are available for combating it. It cannot be too frequently emphasised that these means are capable of producing valuable results in checking the disease in its early stages, and in bringing relief to sufferers and prolonging their lives. Neglect to make the most of them should be unthinkable. The appeal now before the people of Otago for funds — a considerable sum is still required — to enable radium and X-ray treatment to be carried out at Dunedin Hospital under efficient conditions merely asks them to assist suffering humanity and to see to it that this community performs its part in furthering that great movement known as the Empire Cancer Campaign. Delay in the attainment of the objective of the Radium Fund is surely a challenge to the self-respect of the community. A more deserving cause in need of the assistance of those able to afford it could not be named. — editorial

Importer bares sole in court

Shoddy footwear occupied the attention of Mr E.D. Mosley SM at the Christchurch Magistrate’s Court yesterday. The case was one of importance to importers and manufacturers of footwear. Harrison and Gill, warehousemen, Manchester street, were charged with having exposed for sale shoes the soles of which did not consist wholly of leather and with having failed to have a statement of the material composing the soles conspicuously and legibly stamped into the outer surface of each sole. Mr H. Hanna appeared for defendants and pleaded guilty. Joshua Harrison, manager of the firm, called by Mr Hanna, said the manufacturers in England knew the law existing out here, and usually branded the shoes. Being wholesalers, his firm sometimes did not look at the boxes, but sold direct to the shopkeepers, who were then in the same position as themselves. The Magistrate: "Did you want to put the responsibility on to the shopkeepers? The public suffer ultimately." To Mr Kennedy witness admitted that he had been requested previously to brand other goods. The Magistrate: "What is the actual value of the shoes?" Witness: "Thirteen and six wholesale. They cost us 12s." The Magistrate: "The poor unfortunate purchaser has to put up with brown paper." Witness: "It is not a big price for that quality." The Magistrate: "Somebody is making a good thing out of it. I am not suggesting it is you." Witness: "We had no intention of taking the public down." In giving judgement the Magistrate said it was a distinct breach of the Act. Defendants would be fined £3 and costs; the cost of the shoes to be included in this sum. — ODT, 22.5.1924

Compiled by Peter Dowden