Two bishops consecrated

Consecration of two Catholic bishops at St Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin (from left) Bishop of...
Consecration of two Catholic bishops at St Joseph’s Cathedral, Dunedin (from left) Bishop of Auckland Dr Cleary, Coadjutor Bishop of Wellington Dr O’Shea, newly-consecrated Bishop of Dunedin Dr Whyte, the consecrating prelate Archbishop Redwood, of Wellington, newly-consecrated Coadjutor Biushop of Auckland Dr Liston, Bishop of Lismore (New South Wales) Dr Carroll, Bishop of Christchurch Dr Brodie. — Otago Witness, 21.12.1920. COPIES OF PICTURE AVAILABLE FROM ODT FRONT OFFICE, LOWER STU
An event unique in the history of the Roman Catholic Church in New Zealand was celebrated at St Joseph’s Cathedral yesterday, when two priests were formally consecrated to the hierarchy. These were the Right Rev Dr Whyte, Bishop of Dunedin, and Fr Liston, Coadjutor Bishop of Auckland. There was a brilliant array of church dignitaries to witness or take part in the ceremony and the cathedral was thronged. The consecration was performed by Archbishop Redwood, of Wellington (Metropolitan), who was assisted by the Rt Rev Dr Carroll, Bishop of Lismore (New South Wales) and the Rt Rev Dr Cleary, Bishop of Auckland. The service opened with a procession of acolytes, priests, and prelates, including the two about to be enthroned, and members of The HACBS (Hibernians) who marched in to the hymn Ecce Sacerdos Magnus (Behold the High Priest). They passed under an arch of greenery bearing the good wish “In Maltos Annos” (‘‘to many years’’). The Bishops-elect were invested with their full robes of office: sandals, pectoral cross, flowing stole, tunic, dalmatic, chasuble and maniple.

Successful garden fete

On Saturday afternoon a garden fete was held by the kind permission of Dr and Mrs Lindo Ferguson in their grounds, Wychwood, Belmont Avenue, Andersons Bay, for the purpose of raising funds to build a new vicarage for St Michael’s Church. A strong committee had been formed, consisting of the vestry and members of the Ladies Guild. The garden presented a picture of loveliness, the grass being in excellent condition and the flowers in full bloom. In spite of the somewhat unpropitious weather about 800 persons passed through the gates.

Sugar shortage concerning

Anxiety that fruit preserving might again be held up this season because of the shortage of sugar was expressed by Mr J. Longton, President of The New Zealand Fruitgrowers’ Federation, at a meeting of the Canterbury Fruitgrowers’ Association on Saturday night (says a Christchurch Press Association telegram). The Federation, said Mr Longton, had been trying to get supplies for the season, but so far had not met with much success. He declared that sugar was being hoarded, at the expense of the whole fruit industry. The matter was so urgent that unless something was done at once another season would be lost. It was decided to again communicate with the Prime Minister on this subject.

Long-serving Star editor farewelled

The Hon Mark Cohen MLC, who has retired from the editorship of the Dunedin Evening Star after 55 and a half years in the employ of the company, was bidden farewell on Friday by the directors and the employees of all departments, and presented with a gold “star” medal, a writing wallet, a gold fountain pen, and an album with the signatures of all the employees. Speeches eulogistic of Mr Cohen were made by Mr F.E. Clapperton (manager), Mr G. Buchanan (printer), Mr T.J. Walker (senior reporter), Mr J.G. Moody (manager of the commercial department), Mr W. Thompson (father of the chapel) and Mr W.F. Alexander (editor). Mr Cohen made an interesting reply.

ODT, 13.12.1920.

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