Wholesale Russian executions

The Scottish regiments made a fine display of manhood on the occasion of the French National Fete...
The Scottish regiments made a fine display of manhood on the occasion of the French National Fete in Paris. — Otago Witness, 2.10.1918.
The Berlin Lokal Anzieger’s Moscow correspondent, telegraphing in the middle of September, gave a frightful account of the Red Terror.

He said: "A billow of blood is flowing from Moscow over the whole empire. The Bolshevist leaders declare that the Red Terror will purify the atmosphere, saying that executions are nothing compared with the millions sacrificed in the war. During the whole French Revolution not so many aristocrats were executed as were executed in Russia last month. With only the faintest show of a trial, the Extraordinary Commission, with branches and sub-branches in the provinces, are ordering executions as pleasure. The last decree, ordering the seizure and execution of members of the bourgeoisie class as hostages whenever the counter-revolutionaries create a disturbance, surpasses any previous horrors.

"Recent executions include former Ministers to the late Czar — M. Tscheglowitoff, M. Chivostoff, M. Makaroff, and M. Protopopoff. Many others who played an important part in Russia’s most recent history have been brought before the court and ordered to reveal all the secrets of the Czar’s Government. Afterwards they are dragged from their cells at dead of night, conveyed to Petrovsky Park, and shot by sailors."

Allied advance

London: Reuter’s correspondent at the British Headquarters, writing on Sunday evening, says: This morning’s attack by the Fourth Army did not surprise the enemy, being preceded by 48 hours bombardment. A large force of Americans advanced. The first waves and a big concourse of tanks moved forward mainly on a 6000 yards front south of Vendhuille. The weather was fine, with a light mist. The Americans, using the Vendhuille gap as a bridge, stormed forward, deploying fanwise. A British division crossed the waterway in magnificent style, many men swimming under machine-gun fire, and entered the village of Bellenglise. The first phase of the battle ended at 9 o’clock. After a pause, a dramatic incident marked the resumption of the attack. The Americans opened their ranks, while the Australians, who had been moving up to support, swept through, formed the first wave, and renewed the attack amid a storm of cheering.

Electricity in Oamaru

A Press Association telegram states that the Oamaru Borough Council’s electricity scheme, involving an expenditure of approximately £37,000 when complete, was set in motion by Mrs James Mitchell at a special function in the power house last night. Delay has been occasioned by war conditions; but the street lighting and private lighting and power requirements are met by the present plant, which will be augmented by another generating set when plant is available. Water power from the borough supply is utilised.

Meteor over Otago

About 7.15 last evening a meteor passed through the sky and seemed to fall far out to sea. Notwithstanding the cloudy conditions prevailing, a green light showed through the clouds and brightly lighted up that portion of the Peninsula lying round Harbour Cone.

Maungatua factory proposed

A preliminary meeting has been held in the Maungatua district with a view to forming a co-operative dairy factory company. — ODT, 1.10.1918.



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