Migration measures widen

Border Patrol agents watch over a group of undocumented immigrants after chasing and apprehending...
Border Patrol agents watch over a group of undocumented immigrants after chasing and apprehending them in a cane field near the U.S.-Mexico Border. Photo: Getty Images
The world was standing helpless as United States President Donald Trump continued his disturbing immigration policy which meant parents were locked away and their children kept separately in cages.

At the same time, the US withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling it a "cesspool of political bias" that targets Israel in particular while ignoring atrocities in other countries.

There was overwhelming consternation at Mr Trump's policy of the emotional separation of families at the US-Mexico border. There were loud calls for it to be stopped.

As the criticism grew, Mr Trump doubled down, convinced he won the election on a promise of an immigration crackdown, and he was providing what Americans want. The president took to Twitter to reiterate his claim the American border problems lie with the Democrats, who he said wanted immigrants to infest the US.

In a sudden backtrack, the president has signed an executive order to keep families together, adding he does not like the sight or the feeling of families being separated - all the while continuing to blame the Democrats for the extraordinary scenes at the border.

Mr Trump remains committed to seeking funding for his long-promised border wall, indicating he is not interested in the debates scheduled on the zero-tolerance policy introduced in April.

As the disturbing images of young children flash around the world, Mr Trump insists he has no option but to criminally prosecute every adult crossing into the US from Mexico.

Mexican officials say they will not tolerate illegal migration but also expressed their anger about the holding of their citizens apart from their children.

Whoever holds the office of president of the United States is seen as the most powerful man on the planet - man because no woman has yet been elected to the top office.

Mr Trump is demonstrating how powerful he is through immigration measures which are clearly hurting his Republican colleagues facing re-election.

One of the most concerning factors, apart from the separation of families, is just why the families keep turning up at the border, surely knowing they will be detained in the harshest of conditions.

At the Canadian-US border, illegal immigrants to the US who have travelled north to what they hope will be a better life, are being turned back, only to be arrested.

In a move which constantly surprises, another six refugees from Manus Island left Port Moresby on Tuesday bound for the US.

The Australian Government confirmed 292 people have now been taken off Manus Island and Nauru to be resettled in the US.

The situation is being called Mr Trump's "Katrina Moment", in reference to the 2005 hurricane that devastated both New Orleans and the reputation of George W. Bush.

However, the president is offering no concessions. Mr Trump made it clear yesterday a hardline approach to prosecutions will continue.

At the UN, the US has been signalling its intention to leave the human rights council for some months. The announcement comes while the US itself is under intense criticism for its own human rights abuses.

Emergency migration is a major item being discussed on Sunday by 10 European Union leaders who will commit to further curb "illegal migration" to Europe and restrict movement of asylum seekers across the bloc.

Italy refused to let a boat-load of asylum seekers land, forcing Spain to open its Mediterranean borders. The rise of a right-wing influence in European politics is forcing leaders to reassess migrants from Africa.

Mr Trump is in the spotlight now but soon focus will shift to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her European peers.



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