Area rejuvenation project given $250K boost by CLT

Plans for Riverside Park. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
An Alexandra public space has had a significant boost from the Central Lakes Trust (CLT).

Last week, CLT announced the disbursement of $1.3million in grants to charitable organisations within the Central Lakes region.

This brings the total amount of grants awarded for the 2023-24 financial year to $7.99million.

A $250,000 grant was awarded to the Alexandra River Park Project, which had been in the pipeline since 2017.

The project aims to rejuvenate the lower Tarbert St area in Alexandra by creating a new public space at the junction of the Clutha/Mata-Au and Manuherekia rivers.

Riverside Park Trust chairman Rory McLellan said the trust were grateful for CLT’s support.

"This grant from Central Lakes Trust is a major step forward in the project to rejuvenate lower Tarbert St and provide connection to our trails and rivers."

"We continue to work together with CODC on securing full funding for the project."

Other Central Otago recipients of project grants were: Central Otago Education Centre ($6000), Fine Thyme Theatre Company ($3255), Otago Community Hospice Trust ($8000), Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust ($60,000) and Teviot Valley Rest Home Incorporated ($14,000).

The amount given for project grants totalled $687,249 and a further $671,629 was given to operational and programme grants.