Guardians group elects new chairman

Glen Christiansen
Glen Christiansen

The new chairman of the Guardians of Lake Dunstan says he is looking forward to continuing the fight against lagarosiphon in Cromwell and the wider district.

Glen Christiansen, of Cromwell, was elected chairman at the group's annual meeting on Thursday night.

Otago regional councillor Michael Laws, also of Cromwell, has become the secretary-treasurer of the group.

Mr Christiansen said the Guardians were a ``great group'' and he was looking forward to ``continuing the reduction and control'' of lagarosiphon in Lake Dunstan.

The group's future work would be discussed at its next meeting, later this month, he said.

Outgoing and founding chairman Andrew Burton has remained on the executive of the group.

Mr Burton urged the Cromwell community to ``keep the pressure on the responsible authorities''.

``They created the lagarosiphon weed threat to Lake Dunstan, through their collective neglect. It's their responsibility to properly fund the fix.''


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