No more mumps cases seen

Public Health South believes an breakout of mumps among Central Otago orchard workers late last year has been dealt with.

Medical officer of health Dr Marion Poore said Public Health South was notified of two cases of mumps in orchard workers in Central Otago in early November and a further three cases with very mild symptoms in late November.

''All close contacts of these workers were offered two MMR vaccinations which were given in November-December and there have been no further cases associated with this workforce.''

Mumps is a viral illness passed on by contact with infected saliva through coughing, sneezing or kissing and characterised by swelling in front of the ear and some discomfort in the jaw.

People with mumps are most infectious from two days prior to the onset of swelling to five days afterwards.

Vaccination with two MMR was the best protection against mumps, Dr Poore said.

''We encourage everyone born after 1981 to check whether they are fully vaccinated. Anyone in New Zealand can get two free MMR vaccines if they have not already had two documented doses.''


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