Tena koutou

Photo: Simon Henderson
Photo: Simon Henderson
New citizens, hailing from nine countries around the world, talked about the beauty of Central Otago during a swearing-in ceremony in Alexandra on Friday.

Martin Hale talked about how he met his New Zealand wife during her "big OE" who "wanted a souvenir to take home". 

From left,  Cherece Vorster (South Africa), Guenther Weigel (Germany), Eve Kerner (United Kingdom), Hendrik Lundt (South Africa), David Hall (United Kingdom), Rosie Cabales (The Philippines), Richard Napier (United Kingdom), Robin Berthault (Canada), Skye Hadley (United Kingdom), Kym Hadley (United Kingdom), Mukund Basarge (India), Kelly Radka (Canada), Esther Fukofuka, Richard Fukofuka and Luseane Fukofuka (all of Tonga), Dorothea Drake (United Kingdom), Patience Gallagher (Ghana) and Martin Hale and daughter (United Kingdom) are welcomed by Central Otago District Mayor Tim Cadogan (far right).

- Simon Henderson

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